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Following the Moon: Apr. 11, 2021GGAMoon

In the Full Moon chart for March 28 (click here to see that article and the chart.) we had Venus conjunct the Sun and opposite the Moon. I had hoped this would bring us some happy news. We got the promise of a huge infrastructure bill that could be a great boom to our economy. That was pretty happy, though Mitch McConnell seems set to slap it down when it gets to the Senate.

Of course, we also got plenty of news that was not so happy. The great American tradition of shooting people you don’t know continues unabated, with incidents popping up all across the country. We also had someone smash his car into a barricade in front to the Capitol Building in Washington, killing a policeman. I connect this violence to the fact that the Saturn to Uranus square was angular in the Full Moon chart and we had Mercury conjunct Neptune in the Eighth.

The New Moon chart of April 11 (click on New Moon to see the chart) is full of contradictions and indefinites. We have the Sun and Moon in combative Aries but they are once again conjunct peace-loving Venus. All three are at the center of a slew of sextile aspects from Jupiter on one side and Mars on the other. I’m hoping this will give us break in the seeming endless string of mass shooting. However, there is also good reason to expect the opposite.

Mars is in an angular house in this chart, which makes it more likely to manifest. It is trine Jupiter, generally a benevolent aspect but it is also square Neptune which is also angular. When Mars and Neptune get together rational thought goes out the window and you can have outbursts of violence that are completely random and senseless. On the other hand, both Jupiter and Neptune are associated with compassion, and that could suppress some of the belligerent energy of Mars.

The other big aspect in this chart is the square by Pluto to the Sun, Moon and Venus. Pluto is the hurry-up-and-wait planet. It’s all about slow, constantly building pressure. Issues like the ongoing trial of Derek Chauvin trial and the crisis at our southern border are not likely to be resolved during this lunation period, but we are all going to be feeling the pressure.

Another of those slowly evolving issues is the pandemic. Though the conjunction of the Sun and Moon with Venus indicates that we will continue to see improvement on this front, the aspect could also indicate complacency. With Pluto square this happy little threesome, the price for that complacency could be one last surge in infections.

Like I said, this chart is full of contradictions. It could be that they will cancel each other out and we will get two weeks with little or nothing happening. That might seem boring but, considering some of the other possibilities out there, a little boredom would be just fine.

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