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Following the Moon: March 28, 2021GGAMoon

I have to admit that I didn’t see the violence of two (and now maybe three) mass shootings in the New Moon chart of March 13. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) As I said in a previous article, I link these violent acts to the ongoing square between Saturn and Uranus, but I would have thought that we would have had indications of such events in the New Moon chart.

However, one possibility I did foresee in the New Moon chart was “people retreating further into their illusions.” As always happens after a series of these events, gun advocates retreat into their delusion that easy access to these weapons has nothing to do with the actual use of them. Meanwhile, liberals raise hopes of sensible restrictions even when the political will to pass such laws is sorely lacking.

I also said that this March 13 chart was all about “feelings.” In my analysis of the chart, I had hoped these feelings would be positive. For most of us, the shootings in Boulder and Atlanta have brought about a wave of  compassion, dread and mourning instead. For others, like the perpetrators of these killing and the several men who were arrested around the country when they walked into public spaces loaded down with firearms, it was fear, frustration and horribly misplaced anger.  

The Full Moon chart for March 28 is in some ways similar to the New Moon chart and in other ways quite different. Again we have Venus conjunct the Sun and opposed to the Moon which might lead us to believe that everything is going to be about peace, love and beauty for the next two weeks. But the Sun and Venus are in combative Aries and both the Sun and Moon are linked to the Saturn to Uranus square that is currently dominating the sky. (Click on Full Moon to see the horoscope.)

I still see the placement of Venus as a positive indicator. Hopefully, its conjunction to the Sun will also allow us to forego the surge in COVID cases that some experts are predicting and continue to gain further control over the spread of this disease.That in itself would be a reason to celebrate.

My concerns about this chart have mostly to do with the angular placement of Saturn and Uranus. Previously I have linked the square between these two planets to the growing extremism of the Republican Party. During the last lunation we saw Republicans in Georgia retreat into their delusions about voter fraud in the 2020 election and pass laws designed to restrict voter participation. That trend could continue in other states during this lunation.

Of course, the big question is whether or not there will be more mass shootings. Mars in this chart is trine Saturn, which should curtail such pointless outbursts of violence, but the fact is that Mars was trine Saturn in the March 13 chart as well. If anything this trine seems to facilitate the alure of hate.

What’s different about Mars in this chart is that it is conjunct the North Node of the Moon. This indicates a fateful reckoning with regard to gun violence in this country. We would hope that the cumulative effect of many years of this craziness would be sufficient to get us to that point. On the other hand, something even more dramatic and horrible might be required.

Another issue is the conjunction of Mercury and Neptune in the Eighth House of this horoscope. This describes delusional thinking. Once again we could see Americana, as a group, retreating into their illusions. We could also see certain unhappy individuals acting on those delusion in dangerous and destructive ways.