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Candace Vs. CardiCardiVsCandace

Earlier this week, after the Grammy Awards show, conservative political commentor Candace Owens joined Tucker Carlson is lambasting Cardi B’s performance of her hit song “Wet Ass Pussy.” As the title implies, that song and Cardi B’s performance took the term “risqué” to its network TV limits. Carlson’s and Owens criticism of Cardi B was no less extreme. They apparently equated her music with the downfall of western civilization.

Since then Owens and Cardi B have been in a Twitter war over the matter. The nature of their exchanges and the validity of their arguments are not of any particular interest to me. However, their horoscopes are. (Click on Candace vs. Cardi to see a double chart with Cardi B’s in the middle and Candace Owens on the outside. Both charts were done for noon on their dates of birth.)

The horoscopes of these two women are equally strong. Cardi B was born under a T-square involving her Sun, Uranus, Neptune and Mars, all in active Cardinal signs. Depending on her time of birth, Cardi B’s Moon could be opposed to her Sun, making her a full moon baby and turning that T-square into a Grand Cross. Hers is a chart that screams high energy and, with the Moon in Aries, provides for a combative and highly competitive personality.

Candace Owens’ chart is not as dynamic as Cardi B’s but it makes up for that lack with old fashioned stubbornness. With the Sun in Taurus opposite Pluto and the Moon in Aquarius, Owens is very much a Fixed sign person with firm convictions and little use for compromise. Her Mars is in Cancer, where its combative nature is tied to her emotional security. The fact that Owens’ Mars is opposed to Uranus tells us that, once her emotions are stirred, she doesn’t mind going against prevailing opinions in order to win the fight.

As interesting as their individual charts are (I would love to have a time of birth for both women) what’s really remarkable is what happens when you put them together. In this overlay, it is easy to see why they are at odds. Owens’ Sun and Venus in Taurus oppose Cardi B’s Mercury and Venus in Scorpio. Also, Owens’ Saturn, which is all about convention and following the rules, aligns with rebellious Uranus in Cardi B’s horoscope. Cardi B brings out the disapproving teacher in Owens’ personality while Owens brings out the disruptive contrarian in Cardi B.

However, the aspect between these two charts that is most striking is the exact square between Mars in Owens' horoscope and Jupiter in Cardi B’s. “WAP” was last year’s hit. In the life cycle of a pop song, it was old news. Owens’ criticism has given it renewed life. At the same time, this controversy has introduced Candace Owens to the world beyond conservative talk shows. This battle represented a Jupiterian career expansion for both women. You have to wonder if they didn’t plan it. Or maybe their astrologers did.

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