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Following the Moon: Mar. 13, 2021

The Full Moon chart for Feb. 27 featured a strong emphases on the Second and Eighth Houses and, as I predicted, the major issue during this past lunation period was the COVID relief bill. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) Despite, opposition from Republicans, that bill passed and has been signed into law.

I also mentioned that the ongoing square between transiting Saturn and Uranus was reflected in the current split in the Republican Party. The Uranian side of that divide was on top during this lunation, with Republicans united in their effort to disrupt the relief bill and Donald Trump and his friends taking over C-PAC. But that transit still has a long way to go.

I was optimistic about the trine between Mars and Pluto in that Full Moon chart. I felt that, despite the war-like properties of those two planets, it was a positive indicator. I think that came through in President Biden’s speech to the nation this week in which he framed our response to the pandemic as a war.

The New Moon chart of March 13 (click on New Moon to see the chart) puts the Sun and Moon in the First House conjunct both Venus and Neptune. Since this all happens in Pisces, Neptune’s home turf, we have to give special emphasis to that planet. We think of Neptune as a spiritual planet, but it is also playful. Neptune has a lot to do with both pop culture and mindless diversions. The addition to Venus to the mix adds to this playful quality. Of course, Neptune can also fool us and obscure the facts.

The next two weeks could bring us some celebrity scandal that is both titillating and full of Neptunian glamor. It could be a continuation of the flap over Prince Harry and his Duchess or it could be something entirely new. Chances are that our initial opinions on the matter will turn out to be totally wrong and its conclusion will leave us uncertain or confusing.

Another quality we associate with Neptune is compassion. This New Moon chart indicates that the next two weeks will be an emotional time for our country and that we could see a greater sense of unity, particularly with regard to the pandemic. Then again, emotions are unpredictable and instead of a catharsis of compassion, the result could be people retreating further into their illusions.

I’m hoping that the presence of Mercury on the Ascendant of this chart will keep this kind of retreat from occurring. Feelings will be paramount during this lunation period, but so will talking about our feelings, our fears and our desires. Maybe all that talking will allow us to dispel the illusions and get us closer to recognizing the reality of this pandemic, along with a few other issues that are currently plaguing our country,

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