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Harry Crosses a LineHarryMeghanImage2

We already knew a lot about the interview of Prince Harry and the Duchess of Sussex (formerly Meghan Markle) even before it was televised last night. CBS has been dropping teasers all week. Still, we have to assume that there’s going to be fall out over what the couple said. The Duchess was quite outspoken in her complaints about life as a royal. However, the astrology of the situation tells us that it’s going to be Harry, not his wife, for whom this event will have major consequences.

In the horoscope of Prince Harry (click here to see the chart) transiting Saturn is nearing a square to his natal Saturn. This is an important Saturn Cycle aspect. These transits, which occur every seven years or so, typically mark a turning point in a person’s life. That turning point can be quiet and internal or it can be noisy and external depending on the chart and the person’s circumstances.

In the case of Prince Harry I think that it is a combination of both. He has never seemed comfortable with restrictions that life within the royal family entail. This has gotten him into trouble at various times during his youth. Last year, he and is wife seemed to be making a break with that lifestyle. But quitting your job is one thing. Separating yourself from your family is quite another.

Prince Harry has the Moon in the Fourth House of home. The Moon is strongly placed in Taurus and trine the Sun. Family is important to him. However, Harry has now reached a time in his life, (a point that is marked by this Saturn Cycle aspect) in which he has to make a choice between the family he is creating with his wife and the one into which he was born. This interview represents that choice.

The difficulty of that choice is quite evident, with his grandfather in the hospital and his grandmother well into her 90s. Harry and Meghan were careful not lay the blame for their disaffection on the Queen, only on the culture that surrounds her. It is still not clear how that distinction will be received at Buckingham Palace.