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Saturn Comes for Cuomo

I’ve been wanting to write about the problems that have beset New York governor Andrew Cuomo for a while but every time I go to do it a new scandal emerges. It started with an allegation of sexual harassment back in Dec. Then came the admission that Cuomo had not allowed COVID-19 deaths in nursing homes to be fully reported. The was followed by two more women claiming Cuomo had made sexual advances to them. Now people are calling for the governor’s resignation and he’s the subject of an investigation.

Of course, Cuomo is not the first politician to get caught in a scandal, or even in multiple scandals. What make this situation special is that last year, when New York City was ground zero for the COVID-19 outbreak, Cuomo had come across as the liberal alpha male, a guy who took the virus seriously and was doing something about it.

We don’t have a complete horoscope for Governor Cuomo (click on Andrew Cuomo to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth) but even a partial horoscope reveals some interesting transits. First of all, back in late March and early April, when the situation in New York was so intense, both transiting Jupiter and transiting Pluto were square Cuomo’s natal Jupiter. It was a time to speak loudly and take extraordinary measures to meet a problem. It was a hard aspect for a very hard time and Cuomo, by all appearances, handled it well

That was then. Now the situation in Cuomo’s chart is quite different. Since the beginning of February the South Node of the Moon has been passing over Cuomo’s natal Saturn. More recently, transiting Saturn has moved into a square the Nodes of the Moon in Cuomo’s natal horoscope. Right now, Andrew Cuomo is having a double encounter with Saturn.

I recently finished a book on the Nodes of the Moon. (It’s due to be published by Llewellyn early next year.) In the book I describe Saturn as the archetype of the disapproving teacher. We meet up with this teacher whenever Saturn in aspecting the Nodes of the Moon and those meeting frequently bring us moments of doubt. Most of the time, these moments are private and personal. However, that’s obviously not been the case with Andrew Cuomo.

There’s a reason for that, and that reason takes us to his secondary progressed horoscope. In that chart, Cuomo’s progressed Sun is square his natal Mars. Since, without a time of birth, we don’t know the house placement of these planets it’s impossible to do a detailed analysis, but this progressed aspect definitely describes a period of rough sledding, when a person’s ego and identity are going to be challenged in an aggressive way.

The combination of these aspects has created a time when Cuomo’s personal doubts and shortcomings, doubts that may have roots in past lives and karma, have been put on display. Saturn aspects to the Nodes often bring us tests and, if we are ill-prepared for those tests, there are consequences. The secondary progressed aspect indicates that those consequences will not be pleasant for Andrew Cuomo.

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