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Following the Moon: Feb. 27, 2021GGAMoon

Since the Feb. 11, New Moon chart featured Neptune at the Midheaven, (click here to see the article and the chart) I figured that something was going to throw a monkey wrench into the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. That something turned out to be the weather. The artic blast that consumed much of the country during this lunation gummed up the works in many ways and made a lot of people, particular public officials, appear ineffectual.

I was premature in my prediction that the COVID-19 stimulus package would be passed, though the House version has been sent to the Senate.. Of course, we also had Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial during this lunation. That ended as expected, with a lot of inflammatory rhetoric (Mars square Mercury) and some artful dodging and twisted logic by Trump’s supporters (Neptune on the M.C.).

The Full Moon Chart for Feb. 27 (click on Full Moon to see the horoscope) also emphasizes the Second/Eighth House axis. This tells me that the stimulus package and other economic issues are going to be of paramount concern. Republicans in the Senate, who have suddenly rediscovered their anti-deficit roots, are set to put up a fight over the size of the stimulus. However, the fact that Uranus is sextile the Sun and trine the Moon would seem to favor the Democrats in this battle.

The fact that this Full Moon, like the Feb. 11 New Moon, is happening while the square between Saturn and Uranus is within a degree is significant. That transit is going to dominate 2021, creating a destabilizing back-and-forth between chaos and control. One symptom of that dichotomy is the struggle currently going on within the Republican Party between traditional conservatives and the Trumpites. Events occurring during this lunation will significantly impact how this conflict plays out through the rest of the year.

I like the fact that Mars in this chart is trine Pluto. Even though there’s always a potential for violence when these two planets get together, I see the trine aspect as keeping those passions under control and directing them toward positive outcomes. Also, I like the fact that transformative Pluto in the First House. We’ve been living under the shadow of this pandemic for nearly a year now. I’m hopeful that this trine signals some relief from both the illness and the fear it has inspired.

Overall, this is a relatively quiet lunation chart. The most worrisome aspects are Saturn quincunx the Moon and semi-sextile the Sun. But these are not powerful aspects and the problems they create should be minor. Otherwise, it would seem that we can expect the next two weeks to be, for the most part, quiet.

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