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Tiger Woods Wrecks his Car

Whenever a celebrity for whom we have a complete horoscope has a major accident, astrologers go looking at their horoscopes to see what was happening. Last week I wrote about Ashley Judd falling down in the jungle and breaking her leg. Now we have Tiger Woods losing control of his car and having it roll down an embankment. As it was with Ashley Judd, the aspects in Woods’ chart are pretty dramatic. (Click here to see a horoscope for Tiger Woods.)

First of all, the most important transiting aspect impacting Woods’ horoscope right now actually relates to a major configuration that we all are experiencing. Currently transiting Saturn is square transiting Uranus. This is going to be the defining transit for all of 2021 and it so happens that at present the aspect is occurring while transiting Uranus is opposite Woods’ natal Uranus and Saturn is square that planet. This is a unique configuration that is bound to spell trouble for any chart in which it occurs.

The placement of Uranus in your horoscope represents the area of life in which you are most like to rebel and let in chaos. This aspect activated that function in a big way. There are few things more chaotic than an automobile crash. Uranus occupies Woods’ Second House which represents the resources we use to make a living. For Tiger Woods, that resource is his athletic ability. It seems likely that the injuries Woods suffered are going to serious restrict that resource.

At the same time, transiting Pluto is conjunct Woods’ natal Mercury. We can’t know Tiger Woods state of mind at the time of the accident, but this aspect indicates that he could have been feeling depressed or overwhelmed. This kind of woe-is-me thinking often accompanies an aspect like this one and, of course, his injuries are only going to increase this tendency.

The story of Woods’ accident is rounded out by his secondary progressed chart. In that chart, his progressed Mars is aligned with his natal Mars. Mars is retrograde in Woods’ natal horoscope so, in secondary progression, it moved backwards away from its natal position, then went stationary, then went direct and finally, just in time for this accident, it came back to where it started.

Also in Woods’ secondary progressed chart, progressed Saturn is opposite his natal Mercury. In some ways, this aspect reiterates what I said about the transiting Pluto aspect. Woods is not in a good place right now in terms of his thinking. However, these aspects also represent a time to get serious about issues that you may have previously taken lightly or ignored. In that sense, the ultimate outcome of all this seemingly negative thinking could be positive.

Finally, secondary progressed Jupiter in Woods’ chart is trine his natal Moon. Officials investigating the crash site have said that Woods was extremely lucky to have survived it. This aspect describes good fortune. It is also an aspect that is going to be around for the next few years, so the good fortune will persist. As bad as this event might now seem to Woods, in a few years he is likely to look back at it as a costly but completely necessary turning point.