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Ashley Judd’s Encounter With PlutoJuddAshleyImage

Last Tuesday actress Ashley Judd shared gruesome details about the 55 hour ordeal that followed an accident she suffered during the previous weekend. While on an expedition through the jungles of the Congo, Judd broke her leg in multiple places. She had to be carried out of the jungle in an improvised hammock and then transported to a hospital in South Africa on the back of a motorcycle.

Since we have a horoscope for Ashley Judd with a verified time of birth, (click of Ashley Judd to see the chart) It would be easy to write off this mishap as typical for an Sun sign Aries, but I wanted to see what else might have been going on at the time of the accident. I was hoping to get a more precise time for the event, but the best information I’ve been able to find simply says it happened over the weekend. Therefore, I did a chart for just after midnight on Sunday, Feb. 15.

That chart show transiting Mars in a nearly exact conjunction with Judd’s natal Midheaven. This not only describes a violent incident, it also indicates that the incident would get a lot of attention. Of course, Judd’s account of her experience and her gratitude to the people who gave her first aid and got her to the hospital was all over the news media.

There are several other aspects impacting Judd’s chart at this time, but the one that most interested me is the fact that transiting Mars is also trine her natal Pluto. Pluto doesn’t fool around. If you make a mistake under a Pluto aspect you have to expect to pay full price. Judd is lucky that the aspects was a trine. Aspects between Mars and Pluto are always dangerous, but the trines are just a tad more forgiving.

These Mars aspects would have been close throughout the weekend of Feb. 14 and 15. However, for an event as serious as Judd’s accident, I looked for a long term aspect that would have provided a context for the violence of Mars. I found it when I looked at Judd’s secondary progressed chart.

Ashley Judd’s secondary progressed Sun is currenting at 20 degrees Gemini, square her natal Pluto and semi-sextile her Midheaven. Any aspect involving Pluto is an invitation for transformation. This is particular true of aspects by the Sun to Pluto. My guess is that this accident and the experiences that have and will accompany it, are going to seriously alter the trajectory of Ashley Judd’s life and change her in a fundamental way.