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Free Britney

I can’t say that I’m a fan of Britney Spears’ music but I did include a chapter about her in my book “Saturn Cycles: Mapping the Changes in Your Life.” Shortly after I finished that book and sent it off the publisher, Spears had her famous head-shaving breakdown. I’ve always regreted that I was unable to include the monumental changes in her life that followed that incident in the book.

Those changes included being put under a conservatorship in 2009 with her father serving as Spears’ legal guardian. Since then, Spears has thrived, at least as far as her career is concerned. She’s released several albums, all of which have been gobbled up by her legion of fans, and she has had a concert residence in Las Vegas. In the process, Spears has made millions of dollars. Of course, she also made millions of dollars for her father and other people involved in the conservatorship. (Click on Britney Spears to see the chart.)

In 2019, Spears began to agitate to have the conservatorship ended. There have been several court hearing on this. The first was in April 2019, where a judge ordered an expert evaluation of the status of the arrangement. At that time Saturn was square natal Saturn in Spears’ chart. This is a Saturn Cycle aspect and therefore it represented a test. The results of that evaluation are not known, but it was obviously a factor in Spears’ effort to have the conservatorship ended.

When the case returned to court in Aug. 2020 the judge refused to remove the conservatorship but appointed a financial institution as a co-conservator to share those responsibilities with her father. Spears’ father went back to court in January to complain about this arrangement but his objections were denied by the court. This was considered a victory for Britney, who is apparently currently estranged from her father, but it did not give the freedom she is seeking.

In Spears’ natal chart, Venus is square Pluto. This aspect can indicate problems with relationships. The person may feel confined or dominated by their partner. Spears’ marriage to Kevin Federline fell apart after only three years in 2007. Now, the most important person in her life (aside from her children) is her father and, by all appearances, she finds that relationship oppressive.

What’s happening right now in Spears’ horoscope is that transiting Pluto is conjunct her Venus and square Spears’ natal Pluto. In other words, it is activating the natal square between those planets. It’s no wonder that the court is dragging its feet on ending the conservatorship. At this point, Spears may be unsure of her motivation. At some level the restriction of this arrangement seem “right” to her. At another, her Sagittarian free spirit longs to break through those restraints.

Transiting Pluto is also conjunct the South Node of the Moon in Spears’ natal chart. This tells us that there may be karmic, past lives issues at play in this family drama. It’s hard enough getting past psychological blockages stemming from experiences in this life. Overcoming past life connections makes the matter much more complex.

Pluto moves slowly and it will remain within an effective distance to its aspects to Britney’s Venus and South Node for the remainder of 2021. I think that this indicates that the status of her conservatorship will remain the same, at least for a while. In 2022, Pluto will move past these aspects and in Jan. 2023, Saturn will cross Spears’ natal Venus. I think that this is the time when she is most likely to free herself of the conservatorship, though the choices she makes between now and then will be an important factor.

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