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Mitch McConnell’s Love TriangleMcConnellImage

Yesterday Mitch McConnell led Republicans in the Senate (most of them anyway) in the acquittal of Donald Trump in his second impeachment trial. Then, in a speech on the floor of the Senate, McConnell essential proclaimed that Trump was guilty of all the crimes of which he had been accused, and that he had not voted for the impeachment because of a technicality. That may sound a little crazy, but you do crazy things when you’re in love.

On the day that Trump supporters invaded the Capitol Building, Uranus was square Mitch McConnell’s natal Venus. (Click here to see a chart done for noon on Mitch McConnell’s date of birth.) This aspect often describes sudden and shocking events involving relationships or a loved one. Mitch McConnell loves the Senate. It is his “house.” He plays its arcane rules like a master musician and, a least for the last ten years, he has had absolute control over what happens within it walls.

On Jan. 9 McConnell watched as his beloved Senate Chamber was defiled by a bunch of rubes waving Trump flags and like any lover (and like any emotional Pisces) Mitch got mad. He wasted no time in calling out President Trump and expressing outrage at his actions. At first it seemed that McConnell might even be onboard with the House’s effort to impeach Donald Trump but Pisces folks are prone to changing their minds.

In the days that followed the Insurrection, McConnell realized that things were not going well for his second great love, the Republican Party. It was the Republican Party that his given McConnell his power. He rode the swing of his home state from a conservative Democratic stronghold to a Republican stronghold with aplomb and as the party changed, so did Mitch. He started out as a centrist, but as the Republican Party swung more to the right, so did McConnell’s politics.

What Mitch now saw was that his beloved Republican Party was undergoing a crisis. Trump’s people had become so consumed by conspiracy theories and falsehoods that they were an embarrassment to conventional conservatives. More important, their extreme opinions and actions were turning off the suburban voters that Republicans needed to win a national election.

By the time that the impeachment trial began, Saturn was moving into a conjunction with McConnell’s natal Venus. This aspect signals a time when you need to “work” on your relationships, when you have to recognize their limitations and take practical steps to accommodate those flaws. McConnell saw that a prolonged impeachment trial and a guilty verdict would further the damage the GOP. So he forced a quick end to the trial (no witnesses) and voted to acquit.

McConnell obviously hopes that during the next two years Trump’s influence with fade and the split in the Republican Party will heal itself and give him back his beloved Senate in the 2022 midterm elections. However, he has not forgotten about how Trump’s minions violated the sacred chamber that he regards as his own. Pisces people crave their revenge almost as much as Scorpios and, somehow, some way, McConnell will have it.