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Following the Moon Feb. 11, 2021

We’ve gotten through another two weeks without a second insurrection. This is something I predicted in my analysis of the Full Moon chart for Jan. 28. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) On the other hand, I was wrong about good news about the economy. Of course, considering the grip that COVID 19 still has on the country, the absence of bad news might be considered good.

I was worried about the emphasis on the Eighth House in this Full Moon chart. The Eighth has to do with our debts, both financial and emotional. The financial part might be described by the COVID-relief bill that is working its way through congress. Though it’s badly needed, it will certainly increase the national debt.

The emotional part of this debt often involves obsessive thinking and sublimated anger. This was presented to us during this lunation period by the controversy involving congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene, who proposed that threatening people’s lives was an example of free speech. That kind of thinking is feeding the Eighth House rage of a lot of people in the country.

The Eighth House also plays a big role in the New Moon chart for Feb.11. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) I think that this indicates that the relief bill will be voted into law and that it will put further strain on the national debt. However, the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in the Eighth tells us the decision will be well received by the American people.

However, the big new with this New Moon chart in the placement of Neptune on the Midheaven indicating that Neptunian vagueness, deception and double-talk will dominate the next two weeks. I see this as describing the impeachment trial currently taking place in the Senate. Democrats are proceeding with the trial even though they know there is no chance of getting a conviction and Republicans are refusing to recognize that Donald Trump’s actions, inciting an insurrection against the U.S. government, is about as impeachable as you can get.

This Neptunian energy will extend beyond the trial. This might signal hang-ups in the distribution of the vaccine or the eruption of some new scandal. Also, Donald Trump’s other legal problems are looming on the horizon. Neptune can represent both deception and deceptions revealed, though those revelations rarely result in resolution or clarity.

Mars is still in Taurus. It is widely square all the planets in the Eighth House, but the aspect to Mercury is the only one that is close. The rhetoric coming out of the impeachment trail is bound to be heated and that argument is likely to spread across the country. Even though violence is not the central feature of this chart, the anger we saw expressed on Jan. 6, along with the general frustration of living with the pandemic, is still out there. The people expressing that rage might not make the headlines, but they are nonetheless dangerous.

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