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A Speculative Chart for Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg is used to breaking barriers. Last year at this time he was the first openly gay and one of the youngest people ever to run for president of the United States. This year he has been confirmed by the Senate as the first openly homosexual and the youngster person to ever serve on a presidential cabinet. Buttigieg’s new job as head of the Dept. of Transportation may not be the most glamorous or public position, but it is the kind of practical challenge at which Capricorns like Buttigieg typically excel.

Early last year, before he dropped out of the race for the Democratic nomination, I wrote an article in which I proposed speculative horoscope for Pete Buttigieg. The source of the birth time for this chart is flimsy, a second hand account of something Buttigieg supposedly said at a book signing. But the chart matched well with Buttigieg’s strong showing in the Iowa caucus. Let’s see how it does with his cabinet appointment. (Click on Pete Buttigieg to see the chart.)

I set the birth time for this speculative chart for 7:11 PM, the time Buttigieg supposedly gave at the book signing. (In the previous article I used 7:00 PM.) When Buttigieg scored his surprise victory in the Iowa caucus, transiting Uranus was square his natal Venus and quincunx his natal Moon. Since Venus rules his Tenth House of career, this would explain Buttigieg’s strong showing.

A few month ago, before the election, Buttigieg appear on Fox News. He was there of defend the candidacy of Joe Biden and, as you might expect, the questioning became somewhat hostile. The way Buttigieg dealt with those pointed questions earned him a good deal of praise from the liberal media. At that time transiting Uranus was opposed to Buttigieg’s natal Jupiter and, if this speculative chart is correct, close to his natal Midheaven.

Moving on to Buttigieg confirmation hearing, we have transiting Uranus now at seven degrees of Taurus. This once again places it opposite his natal Jupiter and conjunct his Midheaven. In terms of pure symbolism, nothing describes breaking down barriers better than a strong Uranus aspect to your Midheaven.

Speculative charts are always dangerous. After all, your choosing one minute out of 1440 possible minutes of a day. However, these events do lend credence to the rather dicey information that we have on Buttigieg’s time of birth. The good thing is that, if this is Buttigieg’s real horoscope, with the Sun in Capricorn, Leo rising and Jupiter strongly placed, we’re probably going have plenty more accomplishments in the future with which to confirm it.

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