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Marjorie Taylor GreeneGreeneMTImage

The controversy over the newly seated congresswoman from Georgia is somewhat reminiscent of the negative attention given some of the young and very opinionated females who joined the congress after the 2018 election. The difference is that none of those democratic congresswomen were advocating the execution of their fellow members of congress.

Of course, considering where the Republican Party is right now, adding your “amen” to a chorus calling for the murder of certain liberal politicians is not such an egregious offense. After all, it’s several steps below inciting a mob to break into the Capitol and few members of the GOP seem to have been offended by that turn of events. Still, I thought it might interesting to look at what’s happening in Greene’s horoscope right now.

We don’t have a time of birth for Congresswoman Greene, so I’ve done a chart for noon on her date of birth. (Click on Marjorie Greene to see the horoscope.) She is a Gemini by Sun sign and, unless she was born late at night on the 27th, she has the Moon in Leo. (From the little I’ve seen of Greene, I’m voting for Leo.) The chart is quite dynamic, telling us that Greene is not the sort of person who waits for the action to come to her. She seeks it out.

The most striking thing about this horoscope is the T-square involving Greene’s Mars, Venus and Uranus. This is the aspect of a fighter, and the fact that Mars is in Cancer tells us that Greene is an emotional fighter, driven by her feelings. Her aggressiveness comes out of a deeper level of insecurity. She is quick to see threats in her environment and to lash out.

The aspects to Greene’s Sun are also interesting. The Sun is trine Pluto and opposed to Neptune. The trine to Pluto indicates that Greene is drawn to power, and that she is somewhat skilled at using it. As a first term congresswoman from a small, rural district in Georgia, Greene shouldn’t have much power, but she has managed to place herself in the forefront of the Republican Party. Her name gets in the news more often than either Ted Cruz’s or Josh Hawley’s.

The opposition to Neptune is a different matter. It puts a fog around the typically clear rationality of Greene’s Gemini Sun and makes it easy for her to get sucked in to extremist ideologies like that of Q-Anon. In the current political environment, in which belief is more important than facts, that blurry Neptunian thinking is an asset, but it’s a treacherous path to take.

At the present time transiting Saturn is trine both Marjorie Greene’s natal Sun and her Pluto. Her ability to manipulate power is being highlighted. The current controversy is not going to get her censured or removed. It’s just going to make her more popular with the Trumpites. On the other hand, transiting Neptune is currently square the Nodes of the Moon in her chart. This represents an intersection of Greene’s beliefs and things like karma and fate. This is an important moment for Marjorie Taylor Greene but its importance may not be completely evident until much later in her life.

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