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Will Donald Trump Fade Away?Faded Trump Image

The obvious answer to that question would seem to be a resounding “no.” Trump still controls a large portion of the Republican Party and his endorsement are still going to sought after by ambitious politicians. Even without Twitter, he can still get the word out to his followers through various conservative “news” outlets and, barring an impeachment verdict by the Senate, Trump still is a possible candidate for the presidency in 2024 (when he will the same age as Biden is now.)

However, when I look at the aspects that are going to be hitting Donald Trump’s horoscope in 2021, I have to wonder. It isn’t just that his aspects for this year are challenging, which they are. They are also aspects that are likely to bring out those qualities of Trump’s character that made his last few weeks in office such a national embarrassment.

I’ve already written about the opposition to Trump’s natal Venus by Pluto. (Click here to see that article.) This is a with-me-or-agin-me kind of aspect that is only going to increase the former president’s paranoia and demands for absolute loyalty. That aspect is already active in Trump’s chart and it will continue to be a factor through this year and into 2022.

There is a growing division within the Republican Party between the old style Reagan Republicans and the Trump Republicans. Trump has already shown us that he is much better at creating division than at healing it. The opposition to his Venus by transiting Pluto is not going to change that.

The other big aspect that is coming up for Donald Trump in 2021 is the square by transiting Neptune to his Sun, Moon and his Lunar Nodes. This aspect is going to kick into gear next month and continue through 2021. Neptune is a planet of scandal and, since Trump has shown himself to be more or less impervious to scandal, it might seem to pose little threat to him. However, Neptune has some other tricks up it’s sleeve that could cause the ex-president serious trouble.

Now that he no longer has the protection of his office, Trump is going to have to face a slew of financial and legal problems. With Neptune squaring his Sun, the result of all this is likely to be a whittling away of Trump’s image as a “successful” businessman. We’re probably going to also see further evidence of the former president’s lack of veracity. Basically, some very messy situations are going to develop during the next year and Donald Trump is going to find himself and the “Trump brand” sinking slowly into the morass.

That’s one side of this Neptune transit and it might not be the worst. The fact that Neptune is also squaring Trump’s Moon could do him even more damage. This aspect describes confusion and uncertainty working at a deep, emotional level. One of the keys to Donald Trump’s political success has been his ability to project unqualified self-confidence. This aspect is going to seriously undercut that ability. It’s going to make the former president unsure of his aims and prone to emotional displays.

The square by Neptune to Trump’s Moon is also going to make it easy for him to believe the unbelievable. We’ve already seen evidence of this in Trump’s groundless claims that he was cheated out of the presidency. Such claims and similar delusions are likely to increase with this aspect and it might get to the point that people start to wonder about Mr. Trump’s mental stability.

This brings us to the square by transiting Neptune the Lunar Nodes in Donald Trump’s chart. If Trump was a more spiritual person, I might predict mystical vision and a religious epiphany. That doesn’t seem likely. Instead, I think this aspect will only give all the other tendencies I’ve mentioned a deeper and more fateful quality. And that fate might be that, by the end of 2021, Donald Trump as a power in U.S. politics and a factor in the public consciousness will be fading away.

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