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Trump Progressedtrumpimage for 2021

In a previous post I discussed the opposition to Donald Trump’s natal Venus by transiting Pluto. However, in order the get a complete picture of what President Trump is going through right now we need to look at his secondary progressed chart. (Click here to see a double chart with Trump’s natal horoscope in the center and his secondary progressed chart for Jan. 2021 on the outside.)

The first thing I noticed in this chart is that Trump’s secondary progressed Moon is square his natal Sun, his Moon and the Nodes of his Moon. This marks this period as a transition point for President Trump, which it obviously is. However, it isn’t just about changing jobs. This is a transition on several different levels, intellectual, emotional and spiritual.

If Donald Trump were a more spiritually aware person, this would be the most important aspect in this chart, but there’s very little evidence of that. (Standing in front of a church and awkwardly holding up a bible doesn’t cut it.) Therefore, we have to move on something that has been going on his Trump’s horoscope since his birth.

In secondary progressions, your natal horoscope is put in motion. Some aspects become more distance while others get closer. In Trump’s natal horoscope, the Sun is a little more than five degrees away from being exactly conjunct Uranus. The Moon about three and a half degrees from an exact opposition. With those aspects in his natal chart, Donald Trump has always been a Uranian character. There is no doubt about that. But now, in secondary progression, those aspects to Uranus have gotten much closer.

This has been a gradual process that has gone on for years, but we seem to be seeing the culmination of it right now. Uranus wants to challenge the status quo and shake things up regardless of the consequences. Let the cards fall where they may. This basically what Trump did last Wednesday. He took out his Uranian, contrarian flag and flew it proudly. The chaos that resulted might have surprised President Trump, but it was just what Uranus wanted.

Now President Trump is facing the consequences of the "insurrection" he inspired. He being criticized by many in his own party and Democrats are instituting impeachment proceedings. That's the thing about Uranus. Shaking things up can be thrilling. It might seem totally necessary to you, personally. But it comes with a cost.

The other major aspect between Trump’s secondary progressed chart and his natal horoscope is the square by secondary progressed Jupiter to his natal Venus. This aspect tells us that, regardless of how he leaves office, Donald Trump’s popularity with his base of supporters will continue. Even out of office, he is still going to be flying that Uranian flag, and people will be gathering around it. That might be good news for Donald Trump, but it’s bad news for both the Republican Party and the United States.

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