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A Takeover at the Capitol

Following the order of their commander and chief, protestors have taken over the Capitol Building of the United States, forcing members of Congress to flee to their offices and stopping the final certification of the results of the 2020 election. These folks apparently think that they’ve accomplished something historic, but what they’ve really done is demonstrate the efficacy of the Sibly Chart for the United States.

In the Sibly Chart, Mercury is opposed to Pluto (click here to see that chart). Currently transiting Pluto (at 24 degrees 23 minutes of Capricorn) is almost exactly opposite the Sibly Mercury while transiting Mercury (at 27 degrees 18 minutes) is almost exactly conjunct the Sibly Pluto. Here we have a unique situation in which the transiting aspects reiterates the natal aspects.

The natal opposition between Mercury and Pluto in the U.S.chart can be interpreted in various ways. Mercury has to do with the flow of communication and intellect. The opposition to Pluto blocks this flow and creates an intellectual stalemate in which real debate and discussion is impossible.

Throughout American history we’ve gotten into these stalemates. We did it with slavery prior to the Civil War. We did with segregation during the 1950s and 60s. Those stalemates persisted until a huge transformative event, like and a civil war, or a transformative individual, like Martin Luther King, came along.

At first glance, the stalemate that we’re dealing with today seems much less substantial than those issues from the past. It revolves around fantasies that the election back in November didn’t really happen and Donald Trump will remain President of the United States forever. However, there’s bigger issue hiding behind the election fraud nonsense. That is a looming future in which white people in America become just another minority.

This is what the crowd on the Capitol steps really celebrating. They see their actions as a victory for white men against the tide of diversity that threatens their primacy. However, what's really happening is that they are displaying to the world the ugliness that sometimes erupts from that opposition to Mercury by Pluto in the horoscope for the United States.

Transiting Mercury will be separating form its conjunction to Sibly Pluto by tomorrow morning but Pluto’s opposition to the Sibly Mercury is going to hang around for a while. It will still be within a degree of exact on Jan. 20, Inauguration Day. I think that the success that these demonstrators are currently experiencing will encourage them to try the same thing then. The aspect for that day definitely indicate some sort of major altercation. I’ll have more to say about this later.