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Pluto Arrives EarlyPlutoSymbol

I had an article prepared for this week in which I talked about the opposition by transiting Pluto to Donald Trump’s natal Venus that will dominate his chart for just about all of 2021. I was waiting to release it because the aspect isn’t yet within a one degree orb, which is the standard that I use in judging when an aspect will be effective. However, aspects have a greater range when they are applying (moving toward exact) than when they are separating (moving away from exact) and we’re seeing evidence of that right now.

Pluto opposite Venus is an aspect that makes it difficult for you to trust other people. It also makes it difficult for you to get other people to cooperate with you. This aspect would represent a difficult time in any person’s life, but is particular troublesome for someone like Donald Trump, who values loyalty above all else and has grown used to having people rush to please him.

Another reason why the aspect is particularly problematic for Donald Trump has to do with his natal horoscope. Trump has Leo rising with Mars close to his Ascendant. Leo rising is stubborn and, at times, arrogant. Mars on the Ascendant creates a warrior mentality. When his Gemini charm fails to get him what he wants, Trump’s “go to” is to start pushing people around and making threats.

This brings us to the phone call President Trump made to the Georgia Secretary of State last Saturday. In that call, recordings of which are all over the internet, Trump ordered this gentleman to “find” enough votes to change to outcome of the election. How this was to be accomplished was left unstated. To his credit, the Secretary of State (a Republican) told him “no.’

“No” is something that Donald Trump has been hearing a lot lately and, with Pluto opposed to his Venus, he is going to continue hearing it throughout 2021. For the majority of that time, thankfully, he will not be President of the United States, but at the present he is and capable of taking out his frustration in some very public and damaging ways. Along with spreading doubts about the democratic process, Trump is also hammering a “with-me-or-against-me” wedge into the heart of the Republican Party. Trump may survive 2021 but I’m beginning to wonder if the Republican Party, as we know it, will be so lucky.