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Following the Moon: Dec. 29, 2020GGAMoon

In my analysis of the Dec. 14, New Moon chart I had predicted a violent event. (Click here to see that article and chart.) We got that in the bombing in Nashville on Christmas Day. I also said that the incident would have limited impact. Fortunately, the only person killed in that explosion was the bomber himself.

I thought that the placement of Saturn and Jupiter in the Twelfth House indicated that congress would fail in its attempt to pass a second stimulus package. In this case, I underestimated the sextile to those two planets by Venus in the Ninth. The bill passed only to be held up by the President’s refusal to sign it. Trump finally signed it on the last day of this lunation.

I felt that the trine to Mars by the Sun and Moon in the New Moon chart would help get the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine off to a speedy start. I thought it might turn out to be too speedy. Instead, we had criticism that some members of Congress were too speedy, jumping to the head of the line to get the vaccine. The fact that some of these people were Republicans who had previously supported President Trump in downplaying the virus raised a few eyebrows.

The New Moon period covered the vote by the Electoral College, which should have been the last gasp of those people trying to overturn the results of the November election. Of course, it wasn’t. This lunation will cover the certification of those results by Congress, which should be a mere formality. Of course, it won’t be. Trump loyalists will continue to kick up a fuss, even if it’s only for show.

The Full Moon chart for Dec. 29 seems to confirm that. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) The Sun and the Moon are in the Tenth/Fourth House axis and they form a trine/sextile aspect to Uranus. This describes a change in leadership. However, Neptune in this chart is on the Descendant and this is an indication of confusion, deception and distraction. The fact that Neptune is square Venus, which is near the I.C. seems to dampen the possibility of anything disruptive coming out of these proceedings. They will be mostly for show.

Mars in this Full Moon chart is once again square Pluto, only this time Mars is in the Eighth House. This is a concern because the Eighth is associated with both obsessive behavior and death. This could indicate another violent incident perpetrated by a desperate person. Since the aspect is waning, we might hope that this possibility will pass us by. But, with the pandemic and all the misinformation about the election, there’s no shortage of desperate people out there, or guns, or (apparently) material to create an exploding RV.