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Saturn Enters AquariusSaturn Image

It is interesting that Saturn is entering Aquarius just as Donald Trump’s fight to hold onto the White House is breathing its last, labored breath. Now that Mitch McConnell has acknowledged the obvious, that Joe Biden won the election and Donald Trump lost, Trump’s fantasy of election tampering is withering away. Some of his more avid supporters in Congress, fearful of their fearless leader’s rage, will continue the rant, but McConnell’s remarks signal that the fight is over.


Jupiter will also be leaving Capricorn in a couple of days and joining Saturn in Aquarius. They will be aligned there on December 21 in what has traditionally been called the Great Conjunction. (Click here to see my article on this conjunction.) Aside for this conjunction, the entry of Saturn and Jupiter into Aquarius ends a year in which three weighty planet occupied restrictive Capricorn. You may have noticed their influence. Now, with only lonely Pluto in Capricorn, we are entering a new phase.

Capricorn is all about respect for authority and nose-to-the-grindstone ambition. It’s stern, practical and difficult to please. With three planets making a long sojourn through Capricorn, the world was oppressed by the deadly virus. Restrictions were put in place and even simple pleasures like visiting family and eating out were curtailed. Authority figures (except the one in Washington) told us to wear and masks and stay at home, but it was Capricorn and the threat of a serious illness or maybe even death that made the rules stick.


In traditional astrology both Capricorn and Aquarius are ruled by Saturn. Aquarius is also restrictive but the restrictions it imposes have to do with logic, reason and science. Even though Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius does have the weight of the three planets we had in Capricorn during 2020, I think it will still represent a shift in our general attitude. Our concern will be directed less toward our individual ambitions and practical concerns and more toward broader issues that effect all of humanity.


This is not to say that, with Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, we will all become humanitarians, but just a little bit less selfishness could do wonders toward healing the wounds left by the pandemic and the many problems that we will be facing us in 2021.


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