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Following the Moon: Dec. 14, 2020

Looking over what I wrote about the Full Moon chart for Nov. 30, (click here to see the article and the chart) I have to admit that the only thing I got right was when I said nothing conclusive would happen. I had expected some sort of financial upheaval but, even though the inability of Congress to approve a stimulus package and the threat of a government shutdown are worrisome, no such upheaval occurred.

The Full Moon chart did call for a big surprise and we got that the day after the Full Moon when Attorney General William Barr announced that his office had found no evidence of widespread fraud in the November election. Considering the lengths that Barr has gone to in the past to protect President Trump, this was a shocker. Otherwise, the nation has been caught up with the race between the surge in COVID-19 infections and deaths and the arrival of a vaccine. Right now it looks like no matter how quickly we get the vaccine into circulation, the virus is going to win far too often.

The New Moon chart for Dec. 14 (click on New Moon to see the horoscope) puts the Sun and Moon in the Tenth House. This tells us that this lunation period is going to be significant to our leadership. Of course, we already knew that because, on Monday, the Electoral College will meet and, in all likelihood, put its seal of approval on Joe Biden’s victory. This should be the end of the protests by Trump and his allies but, of course, it won’t. It will only make those protests more desperate.

This is indicated in the chart by the fact that Neptune is square Mercury and the Sun and Moon. Instead of being the final voice of authority, which it was designed to be, the ruling by the Electoral College will only create more doubts and rumors. The allegations of voter fraud will go on even though the legal avenues for airing those grievances have been exhausted.

The Sun, Moon and Mercury are also trine Mars in this chart. I see this with having to do the distribution of the vaccine which, with Mars in Aries trine the New Moon in Sagittarius, will be speedy though maybe not so efficient. Of course, Neptune could work its way into this issue as well. Too much speed could cause could raise concerns about the safety of the drugs.

This chart also features the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which will be exact on Dec. 21, during this lunation period. I associate Jupiter and Saturn with the mechanisms of government and the fact they are placed in the Twelfth House makes me think that the stimulus package is going to continue to languish in Congress and that a government shutdown is likely.

However, that’s not the most troubling thing about this New Moon chart. While Mars is trine the Sun and Moon, it is square Pluto. Mars square Pluto is an aspect that carries a heavy potential for violence. If the Electoral College kills Trump’s last chance to change the election results, the reaction from some of his followers could turn ugly. The fact that Pluto is exactly semi-sextile the Sun and Moon could be taken as an indication that the violent actors would feel that they had the tacit support of the White House.

However, even if the violent potential of Mars square Pluto does its worst, I still think such incidents will be isolated and disorganized. Along with the possibility of people getting hurt, the main problem will be the way this tension and conflict will add more distress to what already promises to be a gloomy Christmas.

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