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A Separate RealityTrumpLeftimage

Over the past four years I have written about the horoscope of Donald Trump enumerable times. However, there is one aspect in his chart that I don’t recall ever mentioning. That’s the square between his natal Mercury and his natal Neptune.(Click here if you really need to look at Trump's chart again.) It is by no means the most important aspect in his chart but, since it was activated by a sextile from transiting Uranus on Election Day, it hasn’t shut up.

Mercury square Neptune not necessarily a “bad” aspect. It can produce extraordinary creativity and a vivid imagination. You can find it in the horoscopes of great artists like Henri Matisse and poets like Charles Baudelaire and Lord Byron. It is also associated with music and shows up in the charts of people like Bob Dylan, David Bowie and Miles Davis.

On the other hand, it is an aspect that can skew a person’s perception of reality. Albert Speer, who had Mercury in Aries square Neptune in Cancer, thought he could somehow hold on to his morality while serving Adolf Hitler. Evangelist Jim Bakker, who had Mercury in Sagittarius square Neptune in Virgo, convinced himself and millions in his television audience it was their Christian duty to send him money.

It now seems that, despite multiple court rulings against him, the refusal of Republican governors and legislators to cooperate, the Supreme Court swatting away one desperate plea and his own Attorney General announcing that the election was fair, Donald Trump still believes that he was cheated out of a great victory. The endless lawsuits and the ever-growing conspiracy theory are not a just delaying tactic. They constitute a separate, Neptunian reality.

If this were just Donald Trump’s separate reality, that wouldn’t be so bad. But it’s not. It’s a separate reality that he is sharing with a large number of American people, many of whom are sending him their hard-earned cash. It is so a separate reality that is being quietly condoned by the Republican Party. Even after Jan. 20, when Trump will be forced to pack up his separate reality and take it with him back to Mar-a-Largo, it will still exist. People around the country will still think that he’s their “real” president.

The question is, can a country exist with its population living in two different realities? This has been an important question ever since Donald Trump was elected president and it’s going become an even bigger issue when he’s out of office. The separate realities of Albert Speer and Jim Bakker ended with them going to prison but first a nation had to be destroyed and a financial empire had to come crashing to the ground. We can only hope that the end of Donald Trump’s separate reality won’t require such drastic steps.