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Desperate Times in the House of TrumpBarrWmImage

When the President released the money to fund Biden’s transition team several days ago, I felt that that was as close as we would ever get to a concession speech from Donald Trump. Despite this move, and in the face of repeated failures to establish proof of impropriety in the November election and several unproductive recounts, the President has continued to claim that he was cheated out of a victory.

That claim took a major blow a couple of days ago when Attorney General William Barr announced that the Dept. of Justice had no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the November election. Coming from the same guy who misquoted the Mueller report and had just appointed a special prosecutor to continue the (so far) hopeless investigation into the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in 2016, this was a turn of events that sent Trump’s minions scrambling.

Of course, what’s of interest to astrologers is the fact that Barr’s announcement came on the day after a Full Moon. The Full Moon is supposed to bring us the completion of things. It’s rarely that simple and Barr’s statement is not going to have much effect on those true believers convinced that Democrats stole the 2020 election. Still, there is a certain degree of closure in it.

There was nothing of great interest going on in Barr’s horoscope (click on Bill Barr to see a chart done for noon on his date of birth) on Tuesday, but the fact that transit Venus was moving into a square to his natal Pluto and the transiting Sun was approaching a square to his natal Saturn does tell a story. These are aspects that are unlikely to make you popular and, since Barr’s announcement, the right-wing press has come after him with torches and pitchforks. One prominent Fox News commentator said that the Attorney General was “either a fool or a liar.”

Barr’s statement was followed by a call from the newly-pardoned Michael Flynn for the President to declare martial law and have the election redone under military control, and a speech by President Trump begging the Supreme Court to come to his aid and declare the election results null and void. All of this happened just as transiting Mars opposed Jupiter in Trump’s chart. In an earlier article (Click on “What Will Donnie Do” to see the article, I predicted that this would be a turning point for the President. Apparently, that turn is taking him into increasingly desperate territory.

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