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Following the Moon Nov. 30, 2020

I thought that the placement of the Sun and Moon near the I.C. of the New Moon chart for Nov. 15 (click here to see the article and the chart) indicated a significant event would occur. It did. Even though President Trump hasn’t stop claiming victory and his hopeless legal assault on the vote continues, the fact that he released the transition funds was a big step toward the peaceful transfer of power which has been the great miracle of our democratic system since  its inception.

I also predicted that the opposition to Mercury in that chart by Uranus would bring us a shocking court decision. Even though it wasn’t really surprising, the ruling by the Supreme Court to override New York’s ban on religious gatherings shows us that this new, conservative Supreme Court will put the principles laid out in the Constitution above science and human life. Whether you think that’s a good thing or a bad thing, it is something we are going to have to live with for the next several decades.

I had hoped that the positive aspect between the three planets in Capricorn and the Sun and Moon in the Nov. 15 chart indicated a let up in the surge of COVID-19 cases. No such luck. Instead, this sextile seems to have produced an increase in public complacency which, in turn, led to way too many people traveling to be with (and spread illness to) relatives and loved ones across the country.

The Full Moon chart for Nov. 30 (click on Full Moon to see the horoscope) also features a sweet sextile aspect to Pluto, Jupiter and Saturn in Capricorn, this time by Mercury. We might hope that this indicates a leveling off the surge, but I’m betting on continued complacency.

The Sun and Moon are placed in the Second and Eighth House, indicating that finance will be a major concern. There are no strong aspects to this duo, but  the Sun is semi-square Pluto which forms a sesquiquadrate to the Moon. These are considered minor aspects, but since the aspects are to Pluto, I’m inclined to think the news from this sector will be alarming.

The most striking thing about the Full Moon horoscope is the placement of Uranus on the Descendant. When Uranus is prominent in a chart it usually means that something surprising and disruptive will happen. The fact that Uranus is on the Descendant and the cusp of the Seventh House indicates that this disruptive influence will come from outside our borders.

Uranus in this chart is opposed to Venus in Scorpio. This takes us back to financial issues. Even though the stock market hit a new high last week, the overall economic picture is not encouraging. Continued and renewed restrictions on businesses due to the pandemic have put a lot of people, mostly low wage earners, out of work. That means they can’t pay their rent which means their landlords can’t pay they property taxes. The fact that congress has been unable to pass a stimulus package is making this house of cards even more fragile. Uranus in this lunation chart could represent the gust of wind that brings it all down.

We might take some comfort from the fact that, other than the opposition of Uranus to Venus, this is a remarkably “quiet” horoscope. Also, the Sun and Moon are in Succedent houses which typically means that what happens during this period will not be conclusive. Overall, that may be the best news we can take from this Full Moon chart.