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Trump Throws in the Toweltrumpimage

Yesterday, Donald Trump put on his big boy pants and freed the transition money that will allow the Biden team to move forward with their preparation to take over the White House. This happened just as transiting Jupiter moved within a one degree orb of an opposition to Trump’s natal Venus. I had expected this change in attitude to take a bit longer, but I did predict that a shift would come with Jupiter moved into this opposition aspect.

Of course, Trump has been liberating himself from the job of being President for a while now. He more or less skipped the G7 meeting and has been spending the majority of his time on the golf course. What the Jupiter aspect brings him is a more open view of future. It is a future in which he still owns the Republican Party and can continue to exert tremendous power without onerous duties of the presidency.

Of course, Jupiter’s expansive, optimistic vision doesn’t include the various legal problems waiting for ex-President Trump when he steps out of the White House. And yet, being sued and filing suits has been a major part of Donald Trump’s professional life for decades. He’s learned to see the courts as his friends. Over the years, they have allowed him to avoid paying his debts and made it possible for him to sap the financial resources of people who irritate him. Why should that beautiful relationship stop now?

The rosy glow of Jupiter in Donald Trump’s life is not going to last long. By the first week of December, Jupiter will have moved on and the grim reality of the lost election will return. At that point, Trump will return to his real job: continuing the divide the American people.

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