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What Will Donnie Do?

At the beginning of this Presidential race I said that both candidates were working against severe handicaps in their horoscopes. In the end, it seems that Donald Trump’s Saturn opposing his natal Venus “trumped” (ha ha) Joe Biden’s Neptune on the I.C. and natal Sun in the Twelfth House in terms of badness. The closeness of the election is evidence that neither man was able to completely overcome his astrological handicap. Personally, I think it was really Kamala Harris’ extremely positive Secondary Progression that put Biden on top.

The good news for Donald Trump is that Saturn in currently moving out of a one degree orb in its opposition to his natal Venus. The bad news is that it is now within range of a quincunx to his natal Mars. Saturn is moving fast at this point but still, anger and frustration are going to be the order of the day for him for the next week or so.

Meanwhile, transiting Jupiter is still conjunct transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Before the election I said that this would accent the “will to power” that Pluto is famous for. We’re seeing that on both sides, with Biden wasting no time in putting together his own COVID-fighting team and Trump stubbornly holding on to the illusion that he actually won.

Legal experts seem to think that the court challenges that the Trump campaign are proposing are weak and unlikely to succeed. What they will do, of course, is delay the process and stir up Trump’s base of supporters. What the Trump team is succeeding at is further dividing the country by sending out false accusations and misleading videos with regard to the vote count.

Astrologically speaking. I believe the turning point for Trump will be between the last couple of days of November and the first week of December. During that period Jupiter will take Saturn’s place opposite his natal Venus while Mars will be moving opposite his natal Jupiter. This new emphasis on benefic Jupiter could bring news that dispels the gloom that is currently surrounding the Trump camp.

This could go two ways. One is some miracle happens, such as an out-of-the-blue court ruling or members of the Electoral College announcing that they are going to ignore how the voters in the states they represent voted, and Trump is declared the winner. This would require a phenomenal amount of good luck, but luck has always played a big role in Trump’s career.

The other way this could go is that these Jupiter aspects convince Trump that it's okay that he lost. He can still hold rallies, he can still sent out tweets and, as a private citizen, the money people give him will be free of the scrutiny given campaign contributions. He may even conclude that the legal tangles that are waiting for him once he leave office are of no consequence.

Another consideration is the fact that the Nodes of the Moon are currently aligned with Trump’s Sun and Moon. Fate is pecking Donald Trump on the shoulder right now. He may choose to ignore it. He may even try to find ways to get around it. But fate is not something you can avoid. It stands at your back wherever you go and, one way or another, it will be heard