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Joe Biden and the Horoscope of the United StatesBidenJoeImage

Now that the United States has finally popped the question and asked Joe Biden to be its lawfully wedded President, I thought it might be a good time to check out the compatibility of these two lovebirds. I know, there’s an ex who’s promising to scuttle the nuptials with a Supreme Court ruling, but let’s assume love conquers all and that January wedding actually takes place. How do these two horoscopes compare? (Click here to see a double chart with the Sibly U.S. chart on the inside and Biden’s on the outside.)

The first of all, we’ll just consider the signs involved. Biden is a Scorpio by Sun sign and the U.S. is a Cancer. Scorpios have an innate understanding of Cancer’s emotionalism and typically have the patience necessary to weather Cancer’s mood changes. Biden’s Taurus Moon also works well with Cancer. The dependability and strength of Taurus is a comfort to Cancer. On the other hand, the fact that the U.S. Moon is in Fixed Aquarius indicates that there could be clashes of opinion.

Both the Sibly chart and Biden’s natal chart have Sagittarius rising. That’s good for compatibility, but it puts Biden’s Sun in the Twelfth House of the U.S. chart. This couple is going to go through some hard times. The fact that Biden’s Sun is square the U.S. Moon is a further indication of that. There are going to be times when what Biden thinks the relationship needs and what the U.S. feels it needs are going to conflict.

On the other hand, Biden’s Venus is also square the U.S. Moon. This should calm the tension of the previous aspect and engender good feelings. Biden’s Venus also sextile the U.S. Pluto. There should be real affection in this relationship. Each will give the other second chances.

Because they share the same Ascendant, Neptune, which is in the Tenth House in Biden’s natal chart, is also in the Tenth House of the U.S. chart. In fact, Biden’s Neptune is conjunct the Sibly Midheaven. This might cause the U.S. to expect a little two much out of Biden. It could describe an initial infatuation that ends in disappointment. Rumors and misinformation could also present problems for the relationship.

Saturn in Biden’s chart is conjunct Uranus and the Descendant of the Sibly. Biden is going to bring discipline into the relationship and this could cause strain. On the one hand, the U.S. might see Biden has restoring a sense of normality and stability. On the other, he might just seem like a pain in the butt who’s always telling people to put on their masks on.

At the same time, however, Biden’s Jupiter is conjunct Mercury in the U.S. chart. This indicates that Biden’s presence in the relationship will bring optimism and encouragement. On an intellectual level, at least, the U.S. will agree with Biden even when he is being a pain in the butt.

This brings us to the most mysterious connection between the two horoscopes. Biden’s Pluto is exactly conjunct the North Node of the Moon in the U.S. chart while the South Node of the Moon in Biden’s chart is close to a conjunction to the U.S. Moon. This indicates that there is something fateful about this relationship and that there is more at work here that the typical transfer of political power. There’s an element of destiny. Where that destiny takes us remains to be seen.

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