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Preparing for Election Day (or Week, or Month, or Whatever)

I think we can all agree that this election has a lot of Americans feeling tense. Democrats see four more years of Donald Trump as an existential crisis for the country, while Republicans view Joe Biden as the point man of a communist takeover. There is little or no middle ground in this election and no matter how it turns out, a lot of people are going to be crying foul.

This is also the first American presidential election in a long time that probably won’t be settled on election night. With all the mail-in and absentee votes, along with what could be a record turnout at the polls, all of it complicated by the pandemic, the counting of votes is likely to go on for days. Even when a winner is declared, it seems probable that there will be legal challenges that could drag the process out for weeks.

I wrote about some of the problems we might have with this election in my last “Following the Moon” articles. (Click here to see that article.) However, I think it would also be helpful to look at some of the transiting aspects that will be taking place on election night and beyond.

Quite famously, Mercury will be retrograde when Election Day begins. This has a lot of astrologers expecting major technical snafus. However, given the possibility of foreign intervention in the voting process, the difficulties posed by COVID-19 and other factors such as voter intimidation, I think that Mercury will be far down on the list of problems faced on Nov. 3. After all, Mercury retrograde problems can generally be solved with a little tech knowledge and proper backups. Some of these other issues won’t be so easy to remedy.

What worries me most about Mercury is that it stations and turn direct on Nov. 3 within a degree of a square aspect to Saturn. This square could dampen enthusiasm among voters while ramping up tension. It could also cause people to do stupid things because of bad information or messed-up thinking. This could result in conflicts and ugly incidents at some polling places.

Mercury will be moving slowly, so this square to Saturn will continue through the week. It is likely to be a week of continuing developments involving the election as mail-in votes are counted and different states announce winners. Mercury square Saturn is the classic aspect for worry, and I think there is going to plenty of that, on both sides, as this week drags on.

Meanwhile, Jupiter is currently approaching a conjunction with transiting Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter is supposed to be the planet of bounty but in Capricorn it is weak. Here the planet acts more as a trigger for Pluto’s will to power. This aspect will be within a one degree orb between Nov. 6 and Nov. 20, but I expect it’s period of influence to exceed those bounds.

I have been looking at this aspect in relation to the pandemic, and we are seeing a surge in infections as it draws closer. That is likely to continue. However, since Jupiter is associated with the legal system, we might also see an onslaught of law suits over the election results. President Trump is already talking about doing this, but the Democrats could also initiate proceedings if the election results are not to their liking.

And that’s just the month of November. In December we have the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn which could also have relevance to this election. But I’m going to leave that for another day. Getting through the next three weeks is enough of a challenge for now.

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