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Following the Moon: Oct. 31, 2020GGAMoon

I thought that the New Moon chart for Oct. 16 had a decidedly menacing look with the Sun, Moon, Mars, Saturn and Pluto involved in a T-square. (Click here to see the article and the chart.) However, though we did have violent protests in Philadelphia because of the shooting of a black man by police, that violence has not spread across the country.

I also said that, the events that came out of this big T-square would not be conclusive. Police in Philadelphia say that the shooting there was justified and they are still investigating a mysterious van full of explosives that may or may not have been connected to the protests. Likewise, the fight to get a COVID relief bill through congress stymied. Congress has recessed with no bill in sight.

Meanwhile, the most pervasive violence in this country has been wrought by the COVID 19 virus, with infection rates surging in many states and new restrictions being imposed. The only good news on this front is that the death rate has decreased, mostly because we are much more aware of the danger the disease poses and getting better at treating it.

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 31, the last lunation before the election, is one that I have been studying since January. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) When I looked at it back then, I was worried about foreign interference with the election process. This is described by the square by Mercury, which is retrograde, to Saturn and Pluto. This still remains a concern, but we’ve added to those problems a deluge of mail-in ballots and self-appointed “poll watchers” from each party looking over the shoulders of poll workers.

I also noted that the conjunction of the Moon with Uranus showed that the circumstance surrounding the election would be unusual. Back in January, I never anticipated that the reason for that would be a pandemic, but it remains true. It seems quite likely that this election and the weeks that follow it will top the 2000 election and the year of “hanging chads” for weirdness.

The connection between Uranus and the Sun and Moon also describe a surprise involving this election. On a normal Election night we might assume that the outcome would be the surprise. However, considering that we may not definitely know who won this election before the next lunation, on November 15, we might want to look for other surprises, like a shocking voter turnout or disruptions at the polls and challenges to the results.

The bad news continues when we look at Jupiter, the ruler of this chart. That planet is placed in Capricorn, a sign in which it traditionally struggles, and squared by Mars. This certainly hints at conflict and the possibility of violence. That would not be limited to just Election Day but will probably entail the whole two week period.

And yet, there is one very positive indicator in this chart. Venus, which is strongly placed in Libra, is conjunct the Midheaven. This tells us that, despite all the disruption and trouble described in the rest of the chart, the forces that favor peace and fairness will eventually prevail. It will likely be a roller-coaster ride, but we will get through this election and the people’s voice will be heard.

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