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The Debates (Round Two)BidenTrumpImage

The second Presidential debate is set for Thursday. There is still some doubt about whether or not it will actually happen. Joe Biden has said that he will not appear on stage with President Trump unless Trump has tested negative for the COVID virus that day and Trump has repeatedly danced around the issue of when and if he has had recent tests.

If the debate does occur, it will happen during a retrograde Mercury, which could mean that it will be marred by technical problems. I’ve always viewed Mercury retrograde like a weather forecast for rain. You do what you need to do, just make sure you have an umbrella handy. Given the importance of this event, I’m sure the people sponsoring the debate will have several umbrellas at the ready, so I not overly concerned about retrograde Mercury messing things up.

What is more worrisome to me is the fact that transiting Mars is still fairly close to a square to Jupiter. It is also semi-sextile Neptune. This is one of those “anything can happen” aspects. When you put this together with the Moon, which will be aligned with Pluto as the debate begins, the possibility of a last minute glitch grows. We could see Biden pull out because Trump refuses to take a COVID test or Trump pull out because they are muting his microphone when Biden is talking.

If we can get past these obstacles and actually have a debate, it will definitely be an interesting affair. In the first debate, President Trump was under some heavy Mars aspects and (as I had predicted) he came in swinging. This time transiting Mars will be opposed to his natal Jupiter and sextile his natal Uranus, so we can expect a similar display of aggression. This is another reason why the President might balk at the limitations that have been placed on the speakers. (Click on Donald Trump to see the chart.)

Transiting Saturn continues to oppose Trump’s natal Venus, which explains why his campaign has, so far, been more about attacking the people he dislikes than attracting new voters. I don’t see much chance of that changing before the election. What is more interesting is the conjunction of the Nodes of the Moon with the President’s Sun and Moon. Nodal aspects are not like regular transits. They seem to work at a different level. They often pass without any discernable impact on a person’s public life, but when they do coincide with an important event, there is usually something fateful and karmic about what happens.

The big aspect in Joe Biden’s chart is still the passage of transiting Neptune over his I.C. (Click on Joe Biden to see the chart.) Right now the Neptune is moving retrograde away from that degree, but the precise placement of the I.C. depends on the time of birth. Five minutes one way or the other can change it by a degree or more. With this in mind, I don’t think we can assume that Biden is out from under this aspect.

Beyond that, the first thing I noticed about Biden’s chart at the time of debate is that the Ascendant for a chart done for the beginning of the debate in Miami aligns with Biden’s natal Saturn. This could indicate a slow start for him. On the other hand, transiting Venus has recently entered Biden’s Tenth House, indicating that the judgment of his peers is more likely to be positive during the debate and for the next few weeks.

However, the most important aspect impacting Biden’s chart during the next debate is the opposition by the transiting Sun to his natal Moon. This should allow Biden to project empathy and sensitivity during the debate.This might be of little help to Biden when it comes to countering Donald’s Trump’s aggression, but it’s likely to leave a more lasting, and in the long run, more helpful impression.

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