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Following the Moon: Oct. 16, 2020

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 1 was dominated by Venus on the Descendant. (Click on Full Moon to see that article and chart.) As I had hoped, this dampened some of the violent indicators in that chart. Though we still had incidents of violence involving protests in various cities, coverage of those events was swept off the front page by President Trump’s illness and Amy Barrett’s Senate confirmation hearing.

I had predicted that the economy would dominate the news during the last lunation period. That turned out to be wrong. Instead, it was our (mostly) losing battle with the COVID-19 virus. Venus did give us some good news. President Trump recovered from his COVID infection. Of course, he has used his quick recovery to continue to downplay the impact of the pandemic, but that has more to do with Trump’s horoscope than the Full Moon chart.

Overall, despite several signs of trouble in the Oct. 1 chart, it has been a rather boring two weeks. Democrats are offering weak resistance to Barrett’s appointment to the Supreme Court. Biden is still leading in the polls and Trump seems content to preach to his base. The COVID relief bill was off and then on. A presidential debate was on and then off.

Considering what the New Moon chart for Oct. 16 looks like, (click here to see the horoscope) we might be looking back at this boredom with fondness. There is very little in the chart that we could call positive. For starters, we have the Sun and the Moon involved in a vicious T-square with Mars, Pluto and Saturn. There is certainly the potential for violence in the streets with this aspect, but I think the real fight will be in congress over the relief bill.

I say this because the placement of the Sun and Moon in the Eighth House and Mars in the Second indicates that finance will be the big issue, while Saturn and Pluto in the Twelfth describes secrets deals. Both Democrats and Republicans want to get a relief package out there before the election but both will feel the temptation to use this moment to attach to it some unpopular piece of legislation.

If there is more violence, whether it involves Black-Lives-Matter protests or some action by self-described militias, it will be inconclusive and incomplete. However, that doesn’t mean that it won’t increase the tension that we are all feeling with the election only a few weeks away. Regardless of the events that this lunation brings us, the chart describes a period in which fear and worry will dominate.

If this T-square was all we had the worry about, that would be plenty. But we also have two strong opposition aspects in this chart. First there is Venus,  which is opposed by Neptune. This describes an outpouring of non-productive emotions and sentiment.  Then we have Mercury opposed to Uranus, which indicates shocking news and sudden changes. Put this all together and you have a very disruptive and disturbing two weeks.

The one really positive aspect in the chart is the trine between Jupiter and Venus. This would typically describe a gift or some other benevolent occurrence. Since Jupiter rules the Tenth House of leadership, we could take this as an indication that this will be a good two weeks for the President and that the strife and trouble that the rest of the chart describes will somehow benefit his reelection hopes.

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