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Danger Zone Update (Continued)MarsSymbol

Back in September I noted that both Joe Biden and President Trump were entering a “danger zone” with regard to the transits to their natal horoscope. Transiting Mars, which is moving retrograde in Aries, was at that time joining Saturn in making hard, stress-producing aspects to planets in their charts. I expected these aspects to cause trouble for both candidates, but particularly for Trump. (Click on Joe Biden to see his chart and on Donald Trump to see his.)

So far, Biden has survived these transits with seemingly little trouble. He remains ahead in the polls and he hasn’t been guilty of any of the major gaffs. Part of this is because, in his chart, Saturn and Mars are aspecting his natal Jupiter which, overall, is better placed than the planets being aspected in Trump’s chart. Also, President Trump’s problem have so dominated the news that any problems Biden is having go unnoticed.

I think that Joe Biden’s “danger zone” period is now over. He still has transiting Mars quincunx his natal Mercury, which could cause thoughtless remarks and Saturn is still opposed to his natal Jupiter, but he’s essentially back to the same level of difficulty I described back in August. (Click on Handicapping the Big Race to see that article.)

Trump’s situation is, no surprise, much worse. His chart is not only being molested by transiting Saturn, he’s also dealing with an opposition to his natal Saturn by transiting Pluto. As Mars moved away from its square to Saturn and toward a square to Pluto, it also moved into a square with Trump’s natal Saturn. As I noted in my last article, Saturn rules the Sixth House of health in his chart, so his health has now become a major concern.

At present, President Trump is still in the grips of this powerful T-square involving his natal Saturn, transiting Pluto and transiting Mars. It is interesting that Mars is also sextile his natal Sun and trine his natal Moon. These positive aspects might helped the President shake off the virus quickly. Or they could have more to do with the way Trump responded to his Covid infection. He has shown a degree of defiance and pure solar willfulness that might be called heroic or downright foolish, depending on your point of view. Mixed messages from him and his medical team have made a clear assessment of his recover hard to pin down.

Right now the Moon is moving through Cancer where it will meet up with the President’s Saturn and Venus and oppose transiting Saturn and Pluto tomorrow. Even though lunar aspects tend to be temporary, it could present a turning point in Trump’s condition. His illness could get worse, or maybe better, but important developments are likely

By Tuesday of next week transiting Mars will be separating from both its squares to transiting Pluto and Trump’s natal Saturn. This should signal the President’s exit from the “danger zone,” though he will still be dealing with Saturn opposed to his natal Venus and Pluto opposed to his natal Saturn. In other words, like Biden, Trump will be back to the handicaps I described back in August. (Click on Handicapping the Big Race to see that article.)


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