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Danger Zone Update

A couple of weeks ago I pointed out that both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were entering a dangerous period with regard to the transits to their natal horoscopes. I said that the square of transiting Mars to transiting Saturn was going to was going to be particularly troublesome these two candidates. (Click on Danger Zone to see the article.) It looks like, at least as far as Donald Trump is concerned, I was right.

I had expected the peak of this dangerous period to be around the 22nd and 23rd of September, when Mercury transited opposite transiting Mars and square transiting Saturn. When those days passed without incident, I was relieved. Donald Trump’s hyper-aggressive performance during the presidential debate on Sept. 29 certainly showed the influence of transiting Mars in his horoscope, but that wasn’t surprising. And then, just a few hours after the Full Moon on Oct. 1, it was announced that the President tested positive for Covid 19.

At the time of this announcement, transiting Mars was at 24Aries47 retrograde. That put it within a degree of a square to transiting Saturn but, since the aspect is separating, the common belief is that it would be weakening. However, at this degree, transiting Mars was also within a degree of a square aspect to both Trump’s natal Venus and his Saturn. If I had studied the period in more detail, I probably would have picked this out as a particularly dangerous time. Unfortunately, I was more concerned with the span of the transits.

I also should have considered the Covid 19 virus among the dangers I forecast. I didn’t because I believed that, despite the President’s apparently cavalier attitude toward the virus, the people around him were protecting him from infection. Obviously, their protection wasn’t good enough.

When Trump’s positive test was announced, I immediately began to worry about Joe Biden. Mars and Saturn are currently working on his chart in much the same way that they are President Trump’s. However, in Biden’s chart, the pressure is being applied to his natal Jupiter which, all things considered, is in a stronger position than Trump’s natal Venus or Saturn. That doesn’t mean that Biden is out of the danger zone, but he’s having an easier time than the President.

Donald Trump is also not out of the danger zone. Even though transiting Mars is currently separating from its squares to both transiting Saturn and his natal Venus, it is moving closer to a square to transiting Pluto and Trump’s natal Saturn. Since Saturn rules Trump’s Sixth House of health (using traditional rulerships) this could be the most dangerous part of the danger zone for him. I’d like to think that everyone, regardless of their opinions about Trump’s presidency, wishes him a speedy recovery. However I fear that any recovery is going to have to wait until at least the middle of October.

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