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Following the Moon: Oct. 1, 2020MoonImagePurple

In my analysis of the Sept. 17 New Moon chart (click here to see the article and the chart) I said, “It’s hard to look at this chart and not expect that something of great importance to this country is going to happen during the next two weeks.” Something definitely did.

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg was not just the passing of a great jurist, it gives Republicans a chance to load the Supreme Court with another conservative justice. Whether you see this as a good or bad thing depends on your political affiliations, but it will certainly be a significant factor in the history of this country for years and even decades to come.

The strength of Mars in the New Moon chart indicated that violence was going to be a major factor. However, even though the verdict in the Breonna Taylor case did set off a new wave of protests and we had violent incidents unrelated to politics occurring at various places around the country, the most notable display of Martian belligerence during this lunation period happened Tuesday night on the debate stage.

The Full Moon chart for Oct. 1 also has Mars strongly aspects. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) Mars is square both Saturn and Pluto. Mars is still placed in Aries, its own sign, and in this chart, the Moon is also in Aries. This could describe an upsurge of violent demonstrations. The placement of Mars in the Second House, however, seems to indicate that the economic issues will be foremost. Rather than Black Lives Matter, these demonstration may involve people who are unemployed or being squeezed by Covid 19 restrictions.

However, as strong as this Mars energy is, there are other factors in the Full Moon chart that likely limit its destructive influence. Primary among these is the placement of Venus on the Descendant of the chart. Venus resonates with peace and comradery. It also tends to bring women into the forefront, which might bode well for Camilla Harris in her debate with Mike Pence next week. But mainly, since Venus is trine Mars, this placement should help us defuse some the anger that has infected just about every aspect of public life in this country.

The placement of the Sun and Moon in the Full Moon chart presents us with a bit of a conundrum. In the Koch house system (which I typically use) they are on the cusps of the Second and Eight Houses, but in some other house systems they are in the First and Seventh. What makes this a sensitive issue is the fact that Uranus forms a close quincunx to the Sun and a semi-sextile to the Moon. If the Koch house system (along with a few others) is right, this would indicate surprising developments involving finance and the economy. If the other house systems (including Placidus) are right, these sudden changes will involve our image as a nation and our relationships with other countries.

We might use this as a test of the two house systems but, regardless of how that plays out, I think that economic issues will dominate the next two weeks. I say this because Mars is in the Second House and Venus, which is angular, rules the Eighth. With Venus strong in the chart, we might expect good news about these issues. However, this could be where the Mars square Saturn factor turns around to bite us, and the news could be very bad.

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