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The Debates: Round One

The first debate between President Trump and Joe Biden, set for 9PM on Tuesday, will probably be more of a television event than a political turning point. Both the polls and astrology (see my article on the election and the U.S. horoscope) indicate that most Americans have already made up their minds about this election. Those few who are still on the fence are not likely to be swayed by what is said during any of the four scheduled debates.

However, it could still be an interesting night. Both candidates are dealing with the same difficult aspects I described in a previous article. (Click here and here to see those articles.) Both have transiting Saturn making challenging aspects to planets in their natal charts and, right now, transiting Mars is square transiting Saturn and adding extra pressure to those stressful aspects. (Click on Donald Trump to see his chart and Joe Biden to see his.)

Donald Trump may be the candidate who suffers most from these aspects on debate night. With both Saturn and Mars putting pressure on his natal Venus, he will come out swinging. Angry outbursts, not just at his opponent, but also at the moderator (Chis Wallace from Fox News) and any group or person he sees as an enemy are likely. This will make it very difficult for the president to stay on message.

On the other hand, this aggressive behavior might work in Trump’s favor. Along with squaring his natal Venus, transiting Mars will be trine his natal Mars. Meanwhile, transiting Venus will be conjunct his natal Mars. Even if the President’s attacks are unreasonable and scattered (as they often are) they will provide the kind of macho posturing that his supporters love to see.

Of course, in a debate, the astrological center of attention should be Mercury. On Tuesday night, the transiting Sun will square Trump’s Mercury in Cancer, aspect that will likely increase his defensiveness. However, transiting Uranus is moving retrograde into a sextile with Trump’s natal Mercury. This should sharpen his mind and add extra zing to his invective. It might also make the President more prone to bizarre and exaggerated statements.

Joe Biden enters this debate with a predetermined advantage. The Trump campaign has spent months portraying Biden as a doddering codger, so if “Sleep Joe” can walk up to the podium while chewing gum he will have already exceeded the expectations they have established. Beyond that, Biden’s approach is going to be much different than Trump’s. He will have transiting Venus square his Sun on Tuesday. Venus will also be trine Biden’s natal Mars, though that aspect is wide and separating. The candidate’s “nice guy” image is going to predominate.

We might wonder how this “nice guy” persona will stand up against Trump’s bluster, but Biden is a Scorpio by Sun Sign, and Scorpios are typically very good at turning aggression back on the aggressor. With Biden, I am more concerned about Neptune, which is making a slow transit of his I.C. I’ve already written about how this aspect (and the fact that Biden has Neptune in his natal Tenth House) can lead to a lack of focus and bad decisions. On the night of the debate, the Moon will be moving into a conjunction with transiting Neptune (and Biden’s I.C). It will be only a degree and a half away from exact by the time the debate ends. Don’t be surprised if Biden’s closing remarks get weird and confusing.

Just as we saw in Donald Trump’s chart, Mercury in Joe Biden’s horoscope is receiving a helpful sextile. In Biden’s case, it is Pluto that is moving retrograde into this aspect. Even though the aspect won’t complete (become exact), I still think that it will help Biden’s intellectual focus. However, this might not help him on debate night. Transiting Mercury will be quincunx Biden’s natal Uranus. This, along with the Neptune aspects, creates a strong possibility that Biden will say something during this debate that he will have to spend next week clarifying.

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