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The Sun in the Seventh House

What follows is an excerpt from my newest book: “Behind the Horoscope: How the Placement of the Sun and Moon Tell a Story About You.” The premise of the book is that, just as the sign occupied the Sun is your sign, the house occupied by the Sun is your house. It represents the area of life in which you will shine and the mission you have been put on this earth to complete. This exerpt was taken from the chapter on the Sun in the Seventh House which has to do with relationships and marriage. If you are new to astrology, you can assume that the Sun is in the Seventh House in your horoscope if you were born within a two hours period before sunset.

Your Mission

As we have seen, having the Sun in the Seventh House does not guarantee a happy marriage. In fact, it is not even a guarantee of a marriage. Nor does this placement guarantee that you will find love, at least not in the romantic sense. What the Sun in the Seventh House guarantees is that a singular relationship of some sort, or perhaps just the search for a singular relationship, will be a central feature in your life.

For most people, of course, that significant other will be a husband or wife or lover. This is a matter of biology as much as astrology. That still doesn’t mean that love is the ultimate goal of the Sun in the Seventh House. Love is great. Every person, regardless of the house placement of their Sun, needs love. But it is not the ultimate goal, the mission of the Sun in the Seventh. That mission is understanding what that relationship or your search for a relationship has to teach you about yourself.

For the person with the Sun in the Seventh House, a relationship is like a mirror. You see something of yourself  reflected in the character and behavior of the other person. You may not always be pleased with this reflection. You may be tempted to bolt from that relationship and run to another, but the chances are that no matter how different your new partner may be, the reflection you see is going to remain the same.

This does not mean that you are somehow responsible for the bad behavior of a partner. If the person you choose is abusive or turns out to be a crook who empties out your savings account, you are not to blame. However, this person’s nefarious actions might teach you something about yourself. Maybe there was a self-destructive element in your attraction to this sort of partner, or maybe you just need to pay more attention to practical matters. Learning the lessons that a bad relationship teaches you about yourself can help you find a better partner next time around.

This is the true mission of the Sun in the Seventh. It’s not about finding the perfect partner. It’s about learning from the partner your choose, and the reflection he or she  provides, more about who you are. The process of doing this may take you through several relationships, or you may be lucky enough to find one that will grow as you grow. However, even if you find a rewarding relationship with the best partner, it is not the relationship that will “complete” you. It will only give you the means by which you, through increased understanding and self-awareness, can make yourself a more complete human being.


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