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A Danger Zone for the Two CandidatesMarsSymbol

In the articles in which I “handicapped” this year’s presidential race (click on Donald Trump and/or Joe Biden to see the two articles) I intentionally left out one important transit. I did this because the aspect in question covers a limited period of time and because I felt it required an article of its own.

The transit I'm talking about will impact the charts of both candidates during the next two weeks or so. This is when Mars, which is currently moving retrograde in Aires, will square transiting Saturn is Capricorn. This is an aspect that is likely to cause us all a bit of grief. It indicates increased tension between what you've got to do (Saturn) and the time, energy or means with which you have to do it (Mars). The result can be conflict, particularly with figures of authority, or a sense that you best efforts are ineffectual or being blocked.

This is not the first time we’ve experienced this transit. Mars squared Saturn during the last ten days of August and most of us got through it okay. The main difference is that, this time Mars is moving retrograde, which could make its influence a little more negatives. Still, other than being aware of the emotions the transit is likely to arouse, most of us shouldn’t have to be overly worried about it. The exception would be those people who have transiting Saturn making a hard aspect to a significant spot in their natal horoscope.

Unfortunately, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump fall into this category. In Biden’s chart, (click on Joe Biden to see the horoscope) transiting Saturn is currently opposed to his natal Jupiter at 25 degrees of Cancer. In the horoscope of President Trump (click on Donald Trump to see the chart) Saturn is opposed to his Venus at 25 degrees Cancer and his Saturn at 23 degrees of the same sign. These aspects would create tension in anyone’s life, but when you have two men (both over 70) involved in a high-stakes, high-pressure contest, they are especially worrisome.

I talked about how these Saturn transits would influence each to the candidates in the articles referenced above. Mars will be bring a different kind of energy into the situation. Both men will be more easily angered during this period and more prone to impulsive actions. There is also the possibility of accidents and physical injury and that the candidates will find themselves the targets of anger.

The situation becomes even more intense between Sept. 22 and Sept. 24, when transiting Mercury, which is currently in Libra, joins the party, opposing Mars and squaring Saturn. This creates a situation in which the wrong word or reaction can create a firestorm. But, more than anything, the addition of Mercury to the mix just makes the entire network of aspects more unstable and an unhappy outcome for one or both men more likely.

Another factor to consider is that Saturn stations and turns direct on Sept. 29. Generally speaking, this is likely to increase the influence of Saturn. Both Biden and Trump experienced this combination of Mars and Saturn in late August when the two planets were square at pretty much the same degree. They both got through that period without much damage. However, during that transit, they didn’t have deal with either Mercury or Saturn stationing. That’s why I think this period is more dangerous.

In my Sept. 17 "Following the Moon" article, I predicted that this would be a particularly significant two week period for the United States. We've already seen that in the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg. These aspects to the Democratic and Republican contenders make is possible, if not likely, that more such shocks are on the way.