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Following the Moon: Sept. 17, 2020MoonImagePurple

The Full Moon chart for Sept. 2 (click here to see the article and the chart) had me feeling rather nervous, partly because is was hard to read (due the number of planets that changed houses in different house systems) and because of the T-square it featured involving Mars. Given the tense atmosphere that pervades our times, I feared that we would have a confrontation between right-wing militia member and Black Lives Matters protesters that would turn deadly.

The confrontation I was dreading actually came on Sept. 7, when armed militia folks clashed with demonstrators in Louisville, Ky. When I first heard that this was going on I literally felt a chill. However, thanks to efforts by Louisville police and (perhaps) restraint shown on both sides, a violent outcome was avoided. Astrologically, I credit the trines and sextile to the Sun and Moon in that New Moon chart. I had predicted that something good would come out of these aspects and that’s what we got. Next time, however, we might not be so lucky.

That next time might not be so far off. Mars is still a major factor in the New Moon chart for Sept. 17. (Click on New Moon to see the chart.) It is moving retrograde in Aries and square Saturn and (widely) Pluto. The fact that Mars is in the Eighth House seems to favor a “lone gunman” scenario rather than a riot. Of course, this country has a long history of "lone gunmen" causing nationwide havoc..

Even without this dangerous Mars aspect, this New Moon chart is remarkable. We have the Sun conjunct the Moon directly on the Ascendant. This is an extremely rare configuration, that that's on the beginning. The Sun and Moon are square the Nodes of the Moon which are conjunct the M.C./I.C. axis. The North Node is on the Midheaven and the South Node is on the I.C. It’s hard to look at this chart and not expect that something of great importance to this country is going to happen during the next two weeks.

However, that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In this chart the Sun and Moon are trine both Saturn and Pluto. In the last Full Moon chart, such an aspect protected us from the worst attributes of Mars. Maybe that will work again. Or maybe this trine will help us see the positive side of the significant event that is apparently on its way.

Also in this New Moon chart, we have Mercury square Jupiter. Mercury is in the First House of self and Jupiter is in the Fourth House of home. The first Presidential debates is set for Sept. 29. This aspect seems to guarantee that it will be a rousing affair and, hopefully, it will give us more clarity about what the upcoming election is apt to bring us.

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