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Rowdy Rudy on the Ropes

To say that Rudy Giuliani’s career has had its ups and downs would be an understatement. He first gained public attention as a prosecutor of Mafia figures. Then, as major of New York City during 9/11, he became known as “America’s Mayor” and he even considered running for president. However, after this ambition fell through, Giuliani’s career seemed to languish, until he reemerged as Donald Trump’s biggest fan and legal advisor.

Since then, the ride hasn’t gotten any smoother for Giuliani. Putting out the fires, legal and otherwise, started by his new boss, have kept him very busy during the past few years, though it has in no way caused Giuliani’s support of the president to waver. Last year he became Trump’s front man in the attempt to acquired incriminating information about the dealings of Joe Biden and his son in Ukraine.

It was in this role that Giuliani struck of a relationship with Andrii Derkach, a Ukrainian who said he had inside knowledge of the affair. Now it has been revealed that Derkach was a Russian agent who apparently was using Giuliani to funnel Russian disinformation about the Democratic nominee to the American public. Not only has this been a blow to Giuliani’s credibility. It has also put him in legal jeopardy.

The unevenness of Giuliani’s career is clearly described in his horoscope. (Click on Rudy Giuliani to see the chart.) He was born with Saturn on his Midheaven, and indication of extraordinary ambition with regard to one’s career, but also obstacles. Along with this powerful placement, Giuliani has Neptune conjunct his Ascendant. It’s difficult to maintain a steady course when you have Neptune in the driver’s seat. It can also become easy for you to believe your own fictions.

Neptune signature is all over Giuliani’s latest problems. His only defense is that he didn’t know that Derkach was a Russian agent, but as famous lawyer working (unofficially) for the most powerful man on the planet, that excuse seems flimsy at best. It would probably be more correct, and more in keeping with Neptune on the Ascendant, to say that he didn’t want to know.

Still, we shouldn't count Rudy Giuliani out just yet. His career is continue on its bumpy course. In Giuliani’s secondary progressed chart, his progressed Sun is conjunct his natal Jupiter. This is a positive aspect and I think it will allow Rowdy Rudy to get through this ruckus relatively unscathed. There will be some embarrassment and doubts about his credibility, of course, but after a lifetime of living with Neptune in his Ascendant, I imagine Mr. Giuliani has grown used to those things.

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