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My New Book

Today I’m celebrating the release of my newest book, “Behind the Horoscope: How the Placement of the Sun and Moon Tell a Story About You.” The book deals with the astrological houses and, in particular with the placement of the Sun in the houses. I feel that, just as the sign occupied by the Sun in your horoscope is “your” sign, the house in which the Sun is placed is “your” house. This house placement reveals the area of life in which you are meant to shine. It also represents your mission in this life. You may not choose to accept this mission, but there is always a price to pay when you don’t.

The function of the Sun in the horoscope is always influenced by the placement of the Moon. In my book “Father Sun, Mother Moon” I describe how the Sun and Moon signs work in combination. In “Behind the Horoscope” I do the same thing with the houses occupied by the Sun and Moon. Part Two of the book describes all 144 combinations of the Sun’s house placement with that of the Moon.

You may purchase “Behind the Horoscope” from this website. Just go to the top of the homepage and click on “Our Books.” You can also purchase it from the publisher’s website (www.llewellyn.com) or your favorite bookstore. And, if you want to give more money to Jeff Bezos, it is also available through Amazon.