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Handicapping the Big Race: Part ThreeFlagImage

In Parts One and Two of this series I explained the astrological challenges facing both Donald Trump and Joe Biden as they compete for the presidency. Both men are currently under detrimental aspects that exacerbate weaknesses already describe in their natal horoscopes. (Biden with Neptune and Trump with Saturn and Venus.) (Click on Joe Biden and Donald Trump to see those articles.)

But there is a third significant entity involved in this process. That is the United States of American. It’s been said many times that this election is going to have a huge and fateful impact on the future of this country. The transits to the Sibly chart for U.S. seem to confirm this idea.

At the moment transiting Saturn, at 25 degrees of Capricorn, is opposed to Mercury in U.S. horoscope. (Click on Sibly chart to see the chart.) Saturn is currently retrograde and moving very slowly. It will go direct at the end of September, but it will remain close to 25 degrees until shortly before the election. So, it is this aspect that is going to characterize the major portion of this political season.

The first thing this opposition describes is bad news, and we’ve already gotten plenty of that. This transit tells us that we can expect more bad news about the pandemic, about the economy, about extreme weather events and about foreign powers tampering with our election. Optimism and hopeful messages from either candidate are going to be difficult to sustain.

Saturn restricts and calcifies. Mercury describes the thinking processes of the nation as a whole. I see this as describing a nation in which the majority of people have already made up their minds about who they will vote for. There may be undecideds out there, but candidates are going to have to shake a lot of bushes in order to find them. Otherwise, there’s going to be a lot of preaching to the choir.

Saturn is a conservative planet and it appreciates firm boundaries and security. You might think that President Trump’s tough immigration policies and his efforts to cast Black Lives Matter protests as an existential threat to white people would play well in this environment. On the other hand, all the polls have him trailing Biden and, as I said, finding minds available for change under this transit is not going to be easy.

Saturn to Mercury aspects can also produce a feeling that you are blocked or weighed down by circumstances and that nothing you do will solve the problems you are facing. It takes a very special kind of person to lift people in this bleak Saturn state of mind out of their funk, and Joe Biden isn’t that sort of candidate. This could make it difficult for Biden to get even the people inclined to vote for him to the polls.

Another issue that frequently comes into play when Saturn opposes Mercury is bad information. Right now Donald Trump, along with much of his cabinet and Russian hackers are trying to spread false information about mailing-in voting. This is bad information that may come back to haunt us in a big way in the days following the election.

This brings us to the Nodes of the Moon. The Lunar Nodes are typically associated with karma and fate. On election day 2020, transiting Uranus will form a close square to the Nodes of the Moon in the Sibly chart. This indicates change, which might be encouraging news to the Biden camp, but it also describes surprises and shocking events which, if the polls continue to favor Biden, might take the form of a big win for Donald Trump.

You can make your own judgment on the Uranus aspect. However, there are other aspects involving the Nodes of the Moon that are not agreeable to either side. The transiting North Node of the Moon will be conjunct the Mars in the Sibly chart and square Neptune on the day of the election. This describes a situation full of anger, conflict and confusion. The kind of conflict and confusion that could follow a contested election.

My experience with transits involving the Lunar Nodes is that they don’t always follow conventional astrological wisdom. Nonetheless, this nodal aspect should give us all reason to worry about the fate of this country.

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