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Following the Moon: Sept. 2, 2020

With Jupiter riding the Midheaven of the Aug.18 New Moon chart (click here to see the article and the chart) I expected to see a lot of hoopla and exaggerated promises. The Democratic and Republican conventions deliver all this and more. If Jupiter were the only significant factor in this chart, it would have been an entertaining two weeks. But, of course, it wasn’t.

I predicted that the square by Mars to Saturn and Pluto in the Tenth House of that chart would bring strong actions involving law enforcement. Two of those actions were relatively positive. The Dept. of Justice announced a successful coordination of federal officers and local law enforcement had resulted in 1500 arrests and efforts by state law enforcement in Georgia located 40 missing children.

However, this positive news was overshadowed by yet another video showing an unarmed black man being shot, this time in the back at short range, by a police officer. This sparked a wave of protest which, on the first two nights, turned violent. This is something I predicted could come out of this aspect but I would have much rather have been wrong.

I didn’t predict the clashes between right and left wing demonstrator in Portland and Kenosha that have thus far resulted in two deaths. However, considering the level of the rhetoric coming for both sides, we didn’t need astrology to predict that.

Mars is strongly aspected once again in the Full Moon chart for Sept. 2. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) This time it forms a T-square with Saturn and Venus, which are opposed. This would seem to describe both violence and a lack of empathy. Instead of Black-Lives-Matter protests, we might start seeing protests sparked by the country’s growing economic distress. However, what I really fear is that there will be more violent confrontations between the various “militia” people and BLM demonstrators.

This Full Moon chart is not easy to read because the house positions of the major players change according to what house system you use. The placement of the Sun and Moon are also open to interpretation. They are close to the M.C./I.C. axis, but not right on it. Is the Moon in the Ninth House or conjunct the Midheaven (or both)? Of course, the fact that the Moon is in Pisces, in itself, indicates vagueness.

With this in mind, I’m thinking that we will see significant movement either by congress or involving one of the many investigations that are ongoing, but the relevance and impact of that movement will be uncertain. This could be because the information is being interpreted in different ways by different people. The fact that Neptune is in the Tenth House opposed to Mercury indicates that the interpretations coming from figures of authority will be particularly convoluted.

The good news in this Full Moon chart is the nearly exact trine/sextile formation that Uranus makes with the Sun and Moon. This indicates a positive change. Maybe we’ll finally start seeing a significant decline in the number of coronavirus cases or maybe all the angry people out there will decide to take it down a notch. As I always says, predicting Uranus is a fool’s errand. Unpredictability is that planet’s brand. But these aspects should give us something to look forward to besides more divisiveness and violence.