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The Fall of Rev. Jerry Falwell Jr.FalwellJJrImage

Sometimes we try to hide from our horoscopes, but they almost always finds us. This seems to be the case with Jerry Falwell Jr. (Click on Jerry Falwell Jr. to see the chart.) There are many interesting features in this horoscope, but the one that struck me was the placement of his Mars in sensual Taurus and his Venus is boastful Leo.

This is what I say about this combination of Mars and Venus in my Mars/Venus Handbook: “You are too demonstrative a Lover with too much of an appreciation for drama and display in your love life to keep it completely secret. And, typically, you’re having too much fun to care. You are a boisterous, fiery Mars in Taurus Lover: warm-hearted, generous and profoundly sensual. You have a taste for the unusual in your sexual experiences and bragging rights matter as much as sensation.”

According to an article published in 2019, people who worked with Jerry Falwell Jr. at Liberty University reported that Falwell talked about his sex life incessantly and bragged about he virility. Apparently, Falwell also sent provocative photos of his wife to some of his male friends. Then, a couple of days ago, a young man came forward with allegations that he had had sex with Falwell’s wife while Falwell watched. Jerry Falwell admitted that his wife had had an affair but denied that he had watched the couple. Yesterday, he resigned as the head of Liberty University.


There is much else in Jerry Falwell’s chart that is worthy of discussion, including two powerful T-squares, one involving restrictive Saturn, scandal-prone Neptune and his Mars in Taurus. These aspects do seem to describe the potential for the troubles Falwell is currently experiencing but, unfortunately, I don’t have the time right now to go into detail.

 In terms of transits, transiting Mars is currently passing over Falwell’s I.C. and it is trine his natal Sun. Meanwhile, in Falwell's secondary progressed chart, progressed Mars is conjunct his natal Sun and progressed Mercury is conjunct his natal Pluto. Again, I could go into detail, but all I can say right now is that these aspects aptly describe a difficult time for Rev. Falwell.

However, there is one transit on which I must comment. In my article on the Trump's reelection campaign, (click here to see that article) I mentioned the fact that the North Node of the Moon will be conjunct Trump’s natal Sun on election day, while the South Nodes will be conjunct his natal Moon. I also noted that transits by the Lunar Nodes are not particularly reliable when it comes to predicting big, public events in a person’s life, but that when they do have an impact, issues involving fate and karma are often highlighted.

It so happens that Jerry Falwell Jr. Sun is placed just a few degrees beyond Donald Trump’s in Gemini. Also, like Trump, Falwell was born under a Full Moon with the Moon is Sagittarius opposite the Sun. Right now the transiting Nodes are making the same aspect to Falwell’s Sun and Moon as they will make in Donald Trump’s chart in November. Of course, aside for the conjunctions of the Sun and Moon, there are many differences between Falwell’s horoscope and Trump’s. Still, it does make one think.