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Handicapping the Big Race: Part Two

In my last installment I discussed the astrological handicaps that Joe Biden was going to have to overcome if he hopes to become President. (Click here to see that article.)  Now, with the Republican convention starting, I thought it was time I look at the obstacles that are facing Donald Trump. (Click on Donald Trump to see his horoscope.)

The chief astrological problem facing President Trump in this election campaign is the opposition to his natal Venus by transiting Saturn. This aspect came within a one degree orb on Aug. 17. It will remain within that range until shortly after the election. What makes this aspect so significant is that the essential function of Venus in the horoscope is to make people appreciate and like us. Saturn restricts that function. Obiviously, this is not what you want to happen when you are in the middle of an election campaign. With this transit, rather than appealing to people, which is what a candidate needs to do, Trump is more like to offend and alienate them.

This opposition also restricts empathy. Since Donald Trump has Venus conjunct Saturn in  his natal horoscope, empathy has never been a strong component in his personality, which is fine. We all don’t have to be Mother Theresa. However, this opposition is likely to put a spotlight on this lack of empathy in a way that could severely undercut Trump’s appeal to voters.

Another aspect that could cause concerns for Trump is the square by transiting Jupiter to his natal Jupiter. At the same time Jupiter will be quincunx Trump’s natal Uranus. In one sense, even though these aspects are stressful, they could be seen as a positive factor for Trump. Transiting Jupiter could possibly be “activating” the “lucky” trine between the President’s natal Jupiter and his natal Uranus. Luck has always played an important role in Trump’s life and, right now, he could really use a good jolt of it.

However, seen in the context of the Saturn opposition to his Venus, this Jupiter connection might not be so lucky. The antidote to Saturn opposing Venus is to slow down and get serious. With this Jupiter transit, it is going to be difficult for Donald Trump to do this. He’s more likely to act boldly and impulsively and to test his luck in ways that will only exacerbate the negative qualities of the Saturn aspect.

Another difficult aspect that impacting Donald Trump’s chart right now is a square by transiting Uranus to his natal Pluto. I don’t view this as a major factor because it doesn’t involve a personal planet and I’m not sure how it might impact his campaign. In fact, since Pluto in Trump’s chart rules the Fourth House of Home, I would be more likely to associate it with the recent death of Trump’s brother.

Both the Jupiter and Uranus transits will be more-or-less over by the middle of October. That when we might start to see the influence of the Nodes of the Moon. Starting in that month and continuing through Election Day, the North Node of the Moon will conjunct Trump’s natal Sun while the South Node will pass over his Moon.

I’ve been doing some research on transiting aspects involving the Lunar Nodes and what I’ve found is that they don’t work in the same way as transits involving the planets, at least not in terms of the big events of our lives. They seem to work on a more personal and spiritual level. However, the Nodes have always been associated with fate and destiny and when these aspects do coincide with major events, we have to expect extraordinary results.

My research indicates that the conjunction of the North Node to the Trump’s natal Sun could be positive.These aspects sometimes expand his ego and signal a major accomplishment. The conjunction of the South Node to Trump’s natal Moon, on the other hand, is quite different. These aspects seem more likely to describe a surrender to forces beyond your control. Instead of expanding the ego, this aspect tends toward a letting go of pride and selfishness.

In the days after the election, when all those mail-in votes will be counted. The North Node of the Moon will move over the North Node in Trump’s natal chart. This is probably the most mysterious Lunar Node aspect of all. Your relationship with the universe and your fate are laid bare.

As I said, in my research I found that, when it came to events in the public sphere, aspects involving the Nodes of the Moon are far from consistent. These aspects in Trump’s chart could pass without any influence other than shifts in President Trump’s spiritual life about which we would have no information. However, it’s hard to look at these transits and not think that there are forces far beyond politics at play.

The only aspect impacting Trump’s chart around the time of the election that is totally positive occurs in his secondary progressed chart, where his progressed Mercury is sextile both his natal Uranus and his natal Jupiter. The sextile is a weak aspect but, in this case, the fact that it is activating that lucky natal connection between Jupiter and Uranus, could give it more importance.

As I said in my article on Joe Biden, bad aspects don’t rule our lives. How we deal with them does. The period between now and the election is going to be a test of the character of both Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Luck and fate may play a role, but the deciding factor will be which of them is best able to handle that test.

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