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Handicapping the Big Race: Part OneBidenJoeImage

I used the term “handicapping” not just because I’m currently living in horse racing country, but because we are entering the homestretch of a presidential race in which both competitors are burdened with significant astrological handicaps. Since the democrats now have an official nominee, I’m going to start with the handicaps facing Joe Biden. (Click on Joe Biden to see his chart.)

The first of these handicaps is something I’ve already mentioned several times with regard to Biden. Transiting Neptune is currently hanging around the I.C. of Biden’s natal chart. In a previous article I played around with Biden’s time of birth a bit, (Click here to see that article) but, even using the published time of birth, this conjunction will be within a degree until Oct. 7.

Having transiting Neptune in a prominent position in your horoscope can be great for creative work or for advancing your spiritual development, but it’s not such a good thing when you’re trying to articulate your ideas and ideals in a political environment in which snappy one-liners are what counts. What makes this aspect even worse for Biden is the fact that Neptune is in the Tenth House of his natal horoscope. Vagueness, rambling stories and verbal gaffs are just a part of the Biden brand. This aspect will only increase that tendency.

So far, the pandemic has helped Joe Biden. It has given him reason to lay low and let Donald Trump do the talking, most of which has worked in Biden’s favor. However, at some point, particularly during the debates, Biden’s Neptunian qualities are going to trip him up. Since Biden has the focus and self-control of a Scorpio Sun sign (with the Moon in steady Taurus), he may be able to recover from these stumbles with time, but the news media might not give him that time.

Of course, Neptune isn’t just about verbal gaffs and rambling stories. It also has to do with scandal and rumors of scandal. Biden had a taste of that last year with the Tara Reade allegations. These came to nothing. However, the Republican Senate seems intent on reviving the issue of Hunter Biden’s involvement with a Ukrainian oil company and the DOJ is still investigating the FBI’s probe into Russian election meddling.

Regardless of what these investigation do or don’t reveal, it seems likely that Republicans will use them to cast doubt on the integrity of both Joe Biden and the Democratic Party. How effective this effort will be will depend on how much attention voters will be paying to these affair. In all probability, the people who will be paying closest attention will be those who have already made up their minds. Still, Neptune doesn’t require much in order to make a rumor stick.

The other transit that could disrupt Biden’s presidential hopes is the opposition of transiting Saturn to his natal Jupiter. Biden’s centrist stance is well-known. A lot of democratic voters have very different ideas. At the convention, the party has tried to mend this divide by spotlighting people like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. However, this aspect indicates that this is not going to be enough. Sooner or later, Biden is going to equivocate on an issue that is dear to the far left and there’s going to be outrage. How deeply this cuts into his support remains to be seen.

When it comes to Biden’s secondary progressed chart, the situation isn’t awful, but there are still a few concerns. On Election Day his secondary progressed Moon and Venus will be conjunct and they will both quincunx his natal Pluto. At the same time, his secondary progressed Mars will also be quincunx Biden’s natal Pluto.

 I don’t usually worry much about quincunxes, however this combination of aspects could signal trouble. This could have to do with a slow vote count (election night will likely be replaced by election week). Other possibilities are irregularities or suspicions about the process that make the final vote count controversial. Quincunx aspects don’t generally deprive us of what we want. They just make it harder to hold on to it.

The best thing Biden has going for him on election day is the opposition to his natal Jupiter by his secondary progressed Mercury. Even though it is a “hard” aspect, it still represents a positive frame of mind and the possibility of good news. This news could be a validation of Biden’s centrist approach. Of course, it could also describe high hopes that may or may not come true.

Difficult aspects don't rule our lives. How we handle them does. Despite what the polls say right now, Joe Biden's road to the presidency is going to be a bumpy one. How he deals with those bumps is going to depend on his character. It is also going to depend on the attitudes and desires of the American voters. I make it a point not to make predictions with regard to political races. This is because I have definite opinions on these matters and I'm not so naive as to believe that those opinions won't skew my judgement. In this case, however, the fact that both candidates face substantial obstacles also make a prediction difficult. In my next installment I will look Donald Trump's handicaps in this race.

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