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Following the Moon: Aug. 18, 2020

The Full Moon chart for Aug. 3rd was full of ominous indicators (click here to see the article and the chart) but it appears that, at least here in the U.S., we dodged the bullet. As I pointed out in a later article, that chart was even worse when done for Beirut, Lebanon where a huge warehouse explosion resulted in massive destruction, many deaths and a prolonged period of protests and unrest. (Click here to see that article.)
The difference between the Full Moon chart for Beirut and Washington was the sign on the Ascendant. The planet ruling that sign is considered the ruler of the chart. In the Beirut chart that planet was Uranus, which was at the center of a T-square with the Sun and Moon. In the Washington chart the ruler was Venus, which was one of the few planets in the horoscope not afflicted.

That’s not to say that we totally avoided the mayhem promised by this Full Moon chart. Violent protests continue in Portland while, in Chicago, looters descended on the so-called “Magnificent Mile” in the downtown area. We also had a violent clash between demonstrators on the right and protester on the left in Kalamazoo, Michigan. However, there was one thing that came out of this chart that didn’t involve violence. With Venus ruling the chart, the spotlight fell on a woman: Kamala Harris, Biden’s pick for VP.

At first glance, the New Moon chart for Aug. 18 (click on New Moon to see the chart) seems to have a much more benevolent feel. Jupiter is placed close to the Midheaven. This should describe a period of positive, expansive energy. The conventions for both parties will be held during the next two weeks. Even though these conventions are going to be quite different from previous years because of the virus, they will still give voters on both sides of the political divide reason to feel proud of their party and hopeful for a big win.

However, along with Jupiter, we also have Saturn and Pluto in the Tenth House. This placement seems to describe heavy-handed authority. The fact that Saturn and Pluto are square Mars indicates that this exercise of authority may involve the military or law enforcement and, since Mars is in the Twelfth House, the true agenda behind these actions will be hidden or difficult to discern.

With this aspect we could see more federal officers sent to cities where protests are still occurring. We could also see an uptick in the violence that accompanies these protests. As we saw in Portland, the presence of these federal agents tend to exacerbate rather than quell such outbreaks. Another possibility is another incident like the killing of George Floyd that raises the level of these protests or yet another mass shooting that captures the headlines.

The fact that Saturn forms an almost exact quincunx to the Sun and Moon, indicates that this square will  be the central issue for this New Moon period. However, Mars is trine the Sun and Moon. Hopefully, this positive aspect will make the display of power that is likely to come out of the square between Mars and Saturn and Pluto more benign and less violent.

Taurus is the sign on the Ascendant of this chart, once again making Venus the ruler of the chart. Venus is not strongly placed but it’s not bothered by any hard aspects. It does form a very close sextile to Uranus in the First House. This tells us that there are going to be some surprises during the next two weeks, possibly very positive surprises, that are going to upset everyone’s agenda.