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George Floyd and the Nodes of the MoonFloydGImagejpg

A couple of days ago I put up an article on the relationship between the Nodes of the Moon and the death of Breonna Taylor. (Click here to see that article.) I looked at the connection between the transiting Lunar Nodes on the day she was shot and Taylor’s natal chart. I also pointed out connections between the Nodes in both her natal chart and on the day she was killed and the Sibly horoscope for the United States. Now I want to extend this examination to the death of George Floyd.

Again, we do not have a time of birth for George Floyd, so I’m using a chart done for noon on his date of birth. (Click on George Floyd to see the chart.) In the outer ring of this graphic I have the Nodes of the Moon and transiting Saturn on May 25,2020,  the evening when Floyd was killed. The connections here are not as dramatic as what we saw with Breonna Taylor, but they are worth looking at.

When George Floyd was killed the transiting North Node was four degrees away from a conjunction with his natal Saturn and within a degree and a half from a conjunction with his South Node of the Moon. I included transiting Saturn because it is quincunx both Floyd’s natal South Node and the transiting North Node of the Moon. Saturn is also conjunct his natal Jupiter.

In the case of Breonna Taylor, it was Jupiter that was connected to transiting Nodes of the Moon on the night she died. Here it is primarily Saturn. Both Saturn and Jupiter describe the society in which we live and how we interact with it. These aspects indicate that on May 25, 2020, the way that George Floyd was seen by the society in which he lived and how he, as a black man, fit into that larger social structure was going to be of paramount importance.

Now let’s look at the chart for Floyd’s death and the chart for the Sibly chart of the United States. (Click here to see the double chart.) There are several interesting aspect between these two charts, but I want to focus on the Nodes of the Moon. With the chart for the death of Breonna Taylor, the transiting North Node was conjunct Jupiter. Since Floyd’s death happened two months later, the Nodes had moved away from that conjunction but, while that was happening, transiting Uranus moved into a nearly exact square to the Nodes of the Moon in the Sibly Chart.

In my article on Breonna Taylor I pointed out that the Eighth House is associated with debts and that, in the case of the United States, the debt was a karmic debt arising out of our history of slavery and racial injustice. The natal North Node of the Moon in the Sibly chart is placed in the Eighth House. On May 25, 2020 transiting Uranus burst the bubble of silence that surrounded that karmic debt and brought it out into the streets with all the zeal and occasional excess of a Uranian revolution.

The connection between George Floyd’s natal horoscope (without a time of birth) and the Sibly U.S. chart is not as dramatic as what we saw with Breonna Taylor. (Click here to see the double chart.) The South Node is placed near Jupiter in the Sibley chart but the conjunction is wide, almost four degrees. However, when we consider the system of aspects in which the Nodes are involved in this natal chart, the picture changes.

In Floyd’s natal chart the South Node of the Moon is conjunct Saturn, square, Pluto and quincunx Jupiter. His natal Neptune and Venus are also connected to this system. All of these planets are also aspecting the Sibly Jupiter. And, as I pointed out in my article on Breonna Taylor, Jupiter in this Sibly chart is on the cusp of the Eighth House.

I have recently done a lot of research on transits involving the Nodes of the Moon and, at least with regard to the “big” events in people’s lives, these aspects don’t work very well. As I’ve said, I think these transits work at a different level of human experience. However, when these aspects do coincide with our public lives, strange and mysterious things can happen. Happenstance can nudge you in right direction or, sometime, karma can come crashing down on your head. I’m not saying that aspects involving the Lunar Nodes caused the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd. I’m saying, because of the connections between those events and the placement of the Nodes of the Moon, an important karmic issue was brought out into the open. And it looks like, until we decide to deal with it, it’s going to stay there.