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Biden Picks KamalaHarrisKamalaImage

I’ve written about Kamala Harris several times during the past year and each time I’ve pointed out that she had one very positive thing going on in her horoscope. In her secondary progressed chart the progressed Sun is passing over her Descendant. This is an aspects the accents the ego and typically gives a person a chance to shine. As I’ve mentioned previously, Donald Trump had his secondary progressed Sun on his Ascendant when he won the 2016 election.

For this reason I was surprised that, despite an early surge, she was unable gain traction during the primaries. When she withdrew from the race in December 2019, it looked like it might be the last we would see of Kamala Harris. However, when Biden announced that he was going to choose a woman for his VP, Harris’ name was one of the first mentioned. She has remained a top contender for that slot ever since.

The timing of yesterday’s announcement, with regard to Harris’ chart, was interesting. (Click here to see Harris’ horoscope.) It came as the Nodes of the Moon were aligned with both Kamala Harris’ Ascendant and natal Nodes of the Moon. We might take this to mean that, with regard to fate (which is often associated with the Nodes of the Moon) Harris has been placed exactly where she needs to be.

However, there are other, less happy things, going on with Harris chart. Transiting Saturn is square her natal Sun in Libra. More important perhaps, Saturn will also be squaring Harris’ natal Sun on the day of the election. Saturn brings us challenges and this square represents a challenge to Harris’ ego. Such an aspect doesn’t necessarily cancel out success, but it guarantees that you’re going to have to work for it.

Fortunately for Harris, she happens to be someone who is quite familiar with Saturn challenges. She was born with Saturn on the Midheaven, trine her Sun and sextile her Moon. (She has a Full Moon chart.) With aspects like these in her natal chart, Harris should be tough enough and disciplined enough to handle whatever Saturn is putting out.

This is not to say that the next 90 days or so are going to be a picnic for Kamala Harris. As I pointed out in an earlier article, Neptune is transiting her Tenth House of career. There are going to be questions raised about her career, probably about her time as a prosecutor, that are going to be difficult to answer is a clear, definite way. Still, from an astrological viewpoint, it would seem that Joe Biden picked the right person.