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The Big Mars SquaresMarsSymbol

You may not know it, but we are in the middle of some heavy astrological weather. Some of you may already be experiencing it. Right now, transiting Mars in Aries is moving into a 90 degree square aspect with transiting Pluto in Capricorn. That square is going to dominate this entire week. And then Mars will move on and finish off the month of August with a square to transiting Saturn.

When Mars is square Pluto people tend to become frustrated and combative. They feel that their desires are blocked by forces beyond their control and extreme measures are required. Typically, these aspects come and go with just a slight uptick in the amount of profanity used and doors slammed, but we are now in a period in which saying “I don’t need no damned mask” can result in the spread a deadly disease. This aspect does not bode well for the containment of COVID-19.

After we get through with Mars square Pluto, we get Mars square Saturn. While Mars square Pluto tells us to do what we want regardless of the consequences, Mars square Saturn causes those consequences to loom in front of us in a mountain of blame. We are made painfully aware of all our limitations and the futility or our actions. These aspects can take the wind out of the sails of even the cheeriest of Sagittarian. In a population that is still suffering through “sheltering in place” and a major economic downturn, it could be create a tsunami of gloom.

Another thing we can expect with both these aspect is more desperation and violence from regular people and an increase of force from representatives of the powers-that-be. Both Pluto and Saturn relate strongly with figures of authority and Mars in belligerent by its nature. This is a very explosive combination and we’re already seeing it influence in places like Portland and Chicago.

You may noticed that I haven’t mentioned the square between Mars and transiting Jupiter which occurred last week. That’s because Jupiter was moving speedily retrograde while Mars was moving forward. The aspect, which would be expected to bring us an excess of Martian aggression, only lasted a couple days. We won’t be so lucky next time.

That’s right. This series of square aspects between transiting Mars and the planets in Capricorn is coming back. Mars will be turning retrograde on Sept. 9 and it will repeat these aspects during a period lasting from the last week of Sept. through the first half of October. Saturn will be moving more slowly during this transit, since it’s retrograde, and Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn will be more tightly grouped. Therefore, the tense and potentially violent influences of these aspects are more likely to overlap.

Mars will be passing through this section of the eclipse once more in December and January, but by then Jupiter and Saturn will have moved into Aquarius. We will no longer have the “big three” lined up in Capricorn. Of course, around that same time we will be getting a historic conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn. That’s the thing about astrology. There’s always something new to worry about