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Following the Moon: Aug. 3, 2020

I said that the chart for the New Moon on July 20 looked ominous (click here to see the article and chart) and we certainly had some ominous developments. First there were clashes between federal agents sent to Portland, Oregon and protesters there. Then we had President Trump floating the idea of postponing the November election. Both these events resonated with the powerful opposition between the Sun and Moon and Saturn and Pluto (the two most authoritarian planets in the solar system) that was featured in that New Moon horoscope.

I also wrote that, since the planets involved were all in Cadent houses, none of these ominous events would bring permanent changes. Federal officers have now left Portland, and the protests continue. Federal officers have appeared in other cities but, so far, their presence has not resulted in a major backlash. And, Trump’s threat to postpone the election, though startling, was hollow. This would require an act of congress and even Senate Republicans are not keen on the idea.

Unfortunately, the chart for the Full Moon on Aug. 3 is even more ominous. (Click on Full Moon to see the chart.) We have the Sun and Moon forming a T-square with disruptive Uranus, Mercury opposed to Saturn and Pluto and Mars is placed on the Descendant and square Jupiter and Pluto. This chart describes, in emphatic terms, the potential for violence and shocking developments.

But here’s the kicker. Most of these planets are placed in Angular houses. This means that the changes they brings us are more likely to stick around and have far reaching ramifications. In fact, the placement of both Mars and Pluto directly on the angles would seem to indicate changes that could be labeled disastrous. This is the kind of lunation chart that you don’t want to see anytime, but particularly not when the country is the midst of a national crisis.

Of course, we are also in the middle of hurricane season. We already have the east coast threatened by one (recently downgraded to a tropical storm), but what happens if a major hurricane hits a place like Florida, where hospitals are already overloaded?

Hurricanes can be predicted and tracked. Nobody really knows what going to happen with the COVID-19 pandemic, or the economic impact it is having. Congress is currently dithering over another relief package. Meanwhile, rents are coming due, putting a huge number of American citizens at risk of becoming homeless.

As you can see, this chart has me worried. But it also has me curious. The T-square with the Sun, Moon and Uranus brings the promise of something strange and surprising. Since the Sun is in the Tenth House, we might expect it to involve a figure of authority.  With President Trump currently grasping at any straw within reach to turn the tide in the upcoming election, we could see some very bizarre behavior coming out of the White House during the next two weeks.

There are a myriad bad outcomes that could be signaled by this chart, including mass shootings, riots and even war. However, there is one positive note. Neptune, which is strong in its own sign, is on the cusp of the Sixth House of health (using the Koch house system). Neptune is just about the only planet in the chart that isn’t being blasted by hard aspects. This indicates that we might get some good news about the virus or see a leveling off of infections. It may be a faint hope but, with this Full Moon chart, it’s all we got.


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